Tuesday, March 12, 2019



Morgan has brains, body and no fear.  She’s an explosive mix unleashed by those that care little for the law and its consequences.  She fought the system all her life and managed to stay one step ahead.  Then, she found herself trapped with only one way out.  But, it opened up a new world for her where she could flaunt her wealth, looks and intelligence, yet it also gave her far more ways to unleash what had been held back in her before.  She globe trots around the world, unleashing vengeance on her targets.

Madison grew up in a life of privilege and wealth.  With the death of her parents, she finds herself with wealth, beauty and intelligence.  She uses her wealth to give back to her country, taking a job in Washington for the Foreign Service, but there, she is easy prey.  She finds her life attacked by men that take advantage of her innocence and reluctance, not only in this country, but also in countries where she travels for work.  She knows of only one solution and that is submission, but she finds it opens up a dark side of her that she never knew existed.  It scares and excites her at the same time.

Unknown to each other, Morgan and Madison find themselves on a collision course in Belarus that neither expected nor wanted.  Betrayed by those they work for, can they both survive, or will one succumb to the consequences of the other’s action? 

Both women use their bodies as weapons, one as an offensive weapon to get her way, the other as a defensive weapon to submit to those that seek to shame and humiliate her into a confession of a crime she never committed.  A fast-action novel of sex and betrayal where what is around the corner is unexpected and, in some cases, unnatural.  Will the strength in both women win out?



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