Thursday, February 14, 2019



A twisted fairy tale! 

Lil Red and the Wolff is a classic fairy tale turned upside down by Powerone, the Master of BDSM.  Red gets a new riding hood for her birthday; naturally, its red.  Everyone sees her in a new light, a sensuous woman.  She has become of age, but she doesn’t know that she is to be the tribute that the small village pays every twenty-five years to keep the supernatural wolves away.

In her sleep that night, Red finds herself on the altar erected for the tributes, and there she meets Grimm Wolff.  She finds him irresistible and succumbs to his charm.  She also finds pleasure for the first time from the touch of his hands.

She awakens from her erotic dream, unsure of whether it was real or not.  She sets out to her grandmother’s house to thank her for the red hood.  Unknown to her, she meets the second Wolff, Ingouf, brother of Grimm.

Granny is forced by Grimm to aid in his perverted plot to claim Red’s innocence.  Red finds herself in the house of Grimm and Ingouf Wolff as they explain their claim on her.  Was last night real and this a continuation of the Wolff’s desires?

Red has her heart set on a woodcutter named Griffin.  He is in her erotic dreams, but the Wolff brothers have other ideas.  They take her down a path that she can no longer recover from.  Is Red the tribute, or does she submit to them for the pleasure that she now seeks as a woman?

Will Red find ultimate happiness with her Griffin, or will he disappoint her?  A twisted tale that could only be told by Powerone.


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