Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Foursomes and MORE!

Karen wasn’t the typical student, older and married.  She struggled for good grades.  She knew what male professors required for extra credit, but Karen was stymied by a beautiful female professor, Professor Michele Bell.

Michele found Karen more than willing to submit for a better grade, but Sean, her husband, was always part of the deal.  Karen finds submission thrilling, to male and female alike.
Karen’s marriage to Larry was already rocky and her refusal to indulge in the darker depravities made him seek out pleasure with others.  He’s surprised when he’s invited to dinner with Karen’s professor and her husband.  He witnesses Karen indulging in what she’d refused him, but her professor is more than willing to give Larry what Karen wouldn’t.

The four of them indulge in increasingly more perverse acts.  Will the addition of others scare Karen and Larry away or drive them to indulge in more perverse acts?

From bondage to threesomes and foursomes, the depths of the depravities always surprise Karen and Larry, but they are shocked by some of them.  Karen acquiesces, but can Larry submit to what he would consider to be unnatural acts?  

Powerone takes you on a suspenseful rollercoaster ride of the whole spectrum of sexual desires that few dare to partake of and for good reason, but Larry and Karen are consenting adults.  It’s complete submission that few are able to agree to.