Monday, March 19, 2018




The race for governor in Nevada heats up in more than one way.  The leading contender, Michael Fisher, is handsome and single, but does he have secrets that cannot be hidden from the public?

The race is already marred by tragedy, the leading Democratic candidate is found murdered.  That leaves Michael, the top Republican candidate, a clear path to victory.  Backed by powerful gaming interests, Michael is groomed but also on a short leash regarding his dark desires.  He finds out that his backers’ money buys him pleasures that wouldn’t be under public scrutiny.

Michael and his financial backers never saw Jenna as a threat.  She’s an intelligent intern in his campaign that finds success in politics.  Michael sees her in a different light, but they soon find that they have to hide their growing attraction from the financial backers that see any sexual relationship with Michael as dangerous.

Jenna finds the truth of Michael’s sordid background, not by chance but by design from those that want to keep them apart.  Jenna digs into what most would consider dark and unnatural and finds that it has a strange attraction that she never expected.

Will it be Michael that surprised Jenna with the truth?  Or will Jenna surprise Michael with the true test of her love for him?  Will they find success in politics or will their hidden world come crashing down on them?