Sunday, November 05, 2017


Alpha male dominates the neighborhood!

Michael is an Alpha male that presides over a neighborhood of twenty modest homes in a small community in South Carolina devoted to the pleasure of all the men, none more than him.  The women get pleasure in serving the men, but the men make sure they’re not neglected.  Two of the homes are rentals, low rent given in trade for just the right couples.  Pamela, Michael’s wife, decides which couple will serve the neighborhood, not only the men, but also the women.      

Drew and Charlene are young and on the run from the law.  Branded as registered sexual offenders, one an exhibitionist, the other a voyeur, they knew they had to escape the probation and the stigma of being a registered sexual offender.  They robbed a 7-Eleven to fund their escape and head a thousand miles to South Carolina to begin a new life with new identities as a married couple bought with their stolen money.

They were smart and savvy enough to escape detection as they settled into new jobs.  They looked to move from the cheap weekly motel into a modest house.  Charlene thinks fate shined her way when she met Pamela and her house for rent.  Pamela is a part-time police officer, and it doesn’t take long to uncover Charlene’s and Drew’s dark past.  Would Charlene be the right one that would inflame Michael’s lust for something new and depraved?

A voyeur or exhibitionist could never rid their bodies of the urges that drove them.  Pamela sprang her trap on the first of the couple to rise up.  It was too easy.  Charlene finds herself drawn to the magnet personality of Michael.  Drew finds himself on display before many beautiful women, the ultimate scenario for an exhibitionist.  Yet their sexual experience in the past was looking at or being looked at, not taking part, so they were naïve in the ways of these depraved men and women. 

They find themselves at the neighbors’ parties, but they are over their head in imagination and execution as they are led down the dark path of perversions by the neighbors.  At each turn, they thought they’d succumb to it all, but every encounter was new, more degrading and perverted.  Michael lorded over it all, and Charlene found herself on her knees before him and many others.  Drew thought that, as a man, all the women would pleasure him, but will he find himself at the mercy of the women, pleasuring them on his knees.  Charlene finds herself at the mercy of the men and the women, but there is no mercy, only submission.

In Bound by the Neighbors, there is no escape, only complete submission until the neighbor’s tire of them.