Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The Dark Side of BDSM in Bangkok

Brittany is greeted at the airport in Bangkok by a surprising and intimate search, but that is only the beginning of a new adventure in her dull life.  Taking a job at the U.S. State Department in Bangkok sends her on a sexual adventure that few dare to take.

She befriends another American at work as Candy and Brittany seek out the salacious and wicked nightlife that Bangkok is famous for.  They bait the men on the buses that are notorious for harassing women, but the captain that was responsible for her search at the airport has other ideas for her.  He sees in her a deep-seated desire to submit, so he takes her to the high-class BDSM club to teach her the finer aspects of complete submission to him and any other man.

Brittany is treated to the finest restaurants and clothes, but it is the BDSM club that attracts her interest.  Half erotic theater and half elegant sex club, it’s a deviant playground for those that can afford the finest.  Each week, Captain Tanyoo takes her deeper into the lifestyle that she never knew existed.  Here she sees the bondage furniture and instruments that will shape her life, and then, she is subject to them.  Is this what she is looking for, or is it too much for her to bear?

Jealous of what Brittany relays to her after each week in the club, Candy begs to be taken along with Brittany’s master, the infamous Captain Tanyoo.  Candy gets her wish, but will she regret the decision?



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