Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Powerone, a popular author with over 90 books published and fast approaching a million dollars in sales; you don’t want to miss this one.  Strip searches are a favorite in his novels and this one is no exception.

Michelle enters an odyssey of submission and realizes that she had a deep-seated desire that is ignited by bondage and extinguished with submission.

Michelle tried to smuggle a small amount of marijuana in the sole of her wedges for her and her girlfriends to celebrate their twenty-first birthdays.  She thought it was harmless, even if she was caught.  But she grew short and agitated from the long wait in the customs line in Salvador, Brazil, and that was her downfall.

Captain Alvarez had seen too many arrogant Americans and decided to teach this one a lesson.  He took her aside for special treatment, and when he found the marijuana, it only made it easier.  She has a choice, wait in a dingy cell for months to get a trial or take a chance with the People’s Court, a three-man panel of older judges.
Captain Alvarez explains, “they’ll decide your fate, and in some cases, administer the punishment if required.  No lawyers will be required or allowed.  If you choose this option, you must realize that you’ll have to submit to their decisions.  There is no appeal.  My men and I will be there to ensure your complete cooperation.”


Friday, June 16, 2017




After two years of brutal war, King Richard's soldiers return home victorious.  These virile sons of the kingdom have been missed, none more than Prince Edward and his knights—for whom the royal families' eligible daughters have been carefully prepared.  While the war raged on, these young women had been taught all the skills and attitudes necessary to secure themselves a knight: the art of seduction, the ways of submission, and the ministrations necessary for a man's pleasure.  Fathers will gladly give up their daughters to these men, not just to provide them with status and security, but to grant a promising and glorious future to the whole family.  Daughters understand that they’ll have to sacrifice everything for their family, even if they can't yet imagine what that immense sacrifice will entail.

As King Richard parcels out rewards to the knights—vast land holdings and royal titles in the defeated northern provinces—the most fearsome of these recipients, Thomas the Terrible, will take his mastery over his new lands to the absolute limit, claiming their women as his own.  But one catches his eye for her brazen behavior, and when Thomas sets out to teach her a lesson...will she succumb to him or fight back?

In the dungeons beneath the castle are the defeated, men and women alike, at the mercy of the victors.  The men will be executed or put to work, but the knights have other plans for the women—plans which no one today would refer to as "merciful".  Will complete submission make their stay in the dungeons tolerable...or, in some cases, pleasurable?

Powerone brings submission and bondage to the printed page as only he can, with his inimitable style and sparing no detail.  He’ll take you inside the story; inside the mind and body of the ruthless knight as he commands his lady to perform, or of the imprisoned damsel—be her prison a rusted iron cage or a gilded one; be her submission impeccably performed in thrall to her new master—or secretly relished.