Wednesday, May 10, 2017



Shipwrecked into Submission is a powerful novel of nine survivors charting a new path of unrestrained sexual gratification with the absence of morals and laws

When a cruise ship is overwhelmed by a tsunami, three survivors are lucky enough to wash up on the shore of a seemingly deserted island.  But they soon find that they're not alone—and their fellow inhabitants haven't been on the island for very long, either.  Six survivors of an inexplicable plane crash—an event with disturbing links to the tsunami—cause everyone to suspect that something has gone terribly wrong with the world and that their new island home may be more of a refuge than a temporary stop until they are rescued.

With little hope of a rescue, the survivors' despair turns to hope as they begin to shape a new society without the legacy of outdated social codes.  Sexual tensions run higher and higher; however, their society is crafted more by the strongest members' desire for satisfaction than by any other factor.  After a surprising turn of events, they devise a system for the selection of sexual partners, giving the dominant ones a dangerous degree of power.  Can they all live with their decisions?

Some of the members of this strange new society are sexually experienced while others are naïve, but each of the submissives are astounded by the increasing demands made on them—and even more so by the depth of submission and vulnerability to which they soon become accustomed.  Will their society survive as its demands become more depraved?

Expectations aren’t as some hoped, some left yearning, others surprised by the submission that they accepted.  Many never counted on the infinite numbers of ways or number of participants that can shape the scenarios that they submit to.  Few expected bondage that left them vulnerable and helpless to be so instrumental in the final results.  Yet they have little choice but to submit.  Will the submissives escape?  Will they want to?