Wednesday, April 12, 2017



And Destiny was her name…

In South America, an American newlywed couple is coerced when the husband is jailed, and the wife must submit to the demands of the head of the police in hopes of gaining her husband’s release.  In Mexico, four innocent American women are taken by unscrupulous DEA agents sent to clean out the drug cartels, but the agents decide they are above the law.  Two American women became pawns in the global game between superpowers during the Russian’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.  All these victims need help and rescue.  Is there any man that can snatch them from the depths of depravity?  Or could it only be a woman?
Destiny never knew her parents were CIA agents until two years after their deaths when they were killed in the line of duty.  She was recruited while in college, and she vowed to help others that were in need to honor her parents’ sacrifice.  It was her intelligence that led her to succeed, but she was ruthless when it came to those that tried to oppose her, especially if for no other reason than she was a woman.  She taught them a hard lesson.
She soon visited all the cesspools in Mexico, South American and the Ukraine, the native home of her grandparents.  Fluent in many languages, she built another life in the fringe organizations that sought discord and revolution while spying for the CIA.  She helped topple many fringe organizations bent on creating havoc in the world, but her greatest accomplishments were in rescuing the unfortunate Americans that were preyed upon in foreign lands.
Powerone brings you three stories that never saw the headlines or the woman that succeeded where none other could do.  Destiny is a force of nature, and she’ll destroy anyone that gets in her way when Americans are victims in foreign lands. 




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