Friday, November 11, 2016



When Justine’s great aunt died, she’s excited to be invited to the reading of the will.  But her overbearing mother, who had, been estranged from the woman for decades, forbids Justine to go.  Justine, eager for a chance to get out from beneath her mother’s thumb, defied her and went anyway.

Justine was impressed when she arrived and found her great aunt lived in a gated community outside the town of Mason Cove, Virginia.  Justine was thrilled when she learned she was her great aunt’s sole heir and now possessed a large house, luxury cars and millions of dollars.  The only stipulation was that she must live in the mansion and tell no one about her inheritance for thirty days.
It only took Justine a few days to find that the house and community held closely guarded secrets. For, beneath the resident’s wealth, Justine discovered a community of likeminded people who shared an inclination toward a taboo sexual practices.
At the same time, Justine found herself surrendering to the spell of Michael, an older man, handsome and sophisticated, with demanding tastes.  He guided her in the community, and she couldn’t say no to anything he asked.
Justine’s knowledge of BDSM was limited.  But the people of the community were eager to help introduce her to a whole new world of unexpected pleasures. 
She was asked to decide if she wanted to stay and join the community.  And if she did, would it be as a submissive or a dominant – for the community catered to all.  Justine never dreamed that women could be dominant or that there were men who craved to be submissive to women.
Through all this, Justine kept finding clues that led her deeper into the dark secrets of the relationship of her great aunt and her mother.
Then Bridget, Justine’s best friend, joined her and helped her through one final test. Only then did Justine know her true self. It was a surprise to her. But she was not the only one, Bridget had her own surprise for Justine.
Powerone takes you on a tour of a BDSM lifestyle that only the rich can afford and few ever catch a glimpse of or are invited to have a chance to join.