Friday, September 30, 2016


AN erotic fantasy of bondage, control and domination

It’s 1776, George Washington and his rag-tag band of citizen soldiers have been soundly defeated in the battle of Long Island.  Washington and Arnold have been hung from the scaffold.  The impoverished Americans have lost all rights and freedoms and exist as serfs, abject slaves to their British overlords.

From his castle on the Connecticut River, the Earl of Hartford rules his fiefdom of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts—bestowed by a grateful King George III for his services in the war—with an iron fist. 

So begins an erotic fantasy of bondage, control and domination that only Powerone, bestselling author of BDSM, could conceive.  The Earl of Hartford brings back the feudal society of prior centuries to the former American colonies.  No longer British citizens, the patriots are imprisoned or killed, and the people have no choice but to submit. 

In the chambers below his castle, the Earl indulges his erotic fantasies to the fullest, joining his friend, the French General Pierre de Grasse, in dark, perverse acts.  Women who want to escape endless toil on his estates or rise above the poverty of the serf, curry his favor with their bodies—joining in the Earl and his powerful friends in decadent rites of bondage and submission.  As always, the rich and powerful take unfettered pleasures that none can refuse.  No woman ever leaves his dungeon of pleasure unchanged.

One of the most powerful and imaginative BDSM novels ever written.