Friday, August 19, 2016



With the tragic loss of their wealthy parents at the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929, six maidens are snatched up from a cruel life in a state orphanage.  They are cared for and educated in a privileged upbringing until their eightieth birthday at The New Beginnings Orphanage.

At eighteen, the women are shown the outside world and are given a choice.  Go out and seek their own destiny, or stay for seven years with a promise of funds to support them for life.
Wealthy men have desires for young, innocent women but well-bred women.  They love the reluctance and shame of a young virgin surrendering to an older, demanding man.  That is what drives their desires.  Even after they lose their innocence, they want to see them fight the men’s desires to take them, making them give it up in complete surrender.  There will be more than one person present, sometimes as many as all six couples in attendance.  What will the six women choose as their birthdays draw near?

Six men and their wives see the world’s collapse before anyone else and set out to protect their assets, but also to secure their future pleasure.  They fund their unique orphanage but have no contact until each girl becomes a woman, their innocence secured by the strict rules.  As each woman comes of age, they wait to see if their experiment proves successful or they have wasted some of their fortunes and are left with no return for their investment.

For those that choose to stay, the unknown desires of experienced men and women open up a world they never knew existed.  These men and women use their wealth to satisfy their perverted lusts and desires with nothing taboo.  Each time, the women are taken deeper into the depths of depravity.  The shocking end will surprise you.