Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Is VR Sex Platform the ultimate pleasure or are there sinister forces that threaten it?  

The fine line between the physical world and virtual reality is getting smaller, and it’s becoming more dangerous to slip from one to the other.  In this trailblazing erotic novel bestselling novelist Powerone combines BDSM and cutting-edge technology to produce his hottest and most compulsively readable book so far.

Cheyenne is the visionary inventor whose discoveries lead to a revolutionary breakthrough in virtual reality, the VR Sex Platform.  Some want to use her new invention for the ultimate pleasure, but others want to use it to explore the darkest depths of sexuality.  Cheyenne’s VR Sex Platform offers the ultimate experience, it offers total sensory immersion.  Michael is one of those who see the dark, illicit potential of the VR Sex Platform.  Michael is a man with a desire to dominate women who knows no rules or limits.  Michael seeks out Cheyenne online.  In the total illusion that is the Platform, Michael shows her what it means to be a helpless submissive.  There Cheyenne discovers an excitement being taken by Michael that she’s lacked in the physical world.

In the physical world, Michael is bound to a wheelchair – in the virtual world of the VR Sexual Platform, he does the binding.  Both Cheyenne and Michael experience intense erotic pleasure in the master-slave relationship they have in the virtual world.  But can there really be true satisfaction in an illusion?  Michael and Cheyenne both long for more.  Yet, Michael confined to a wheelchair wonders if he can ever know the ecstasy and feelings of supreme mastery of the flesh that he knows in the virtual world.

But there might be a way.  What Michael does not know is that Cheyenne is working on a way to create android bodies and download a person’s personality and life experiences into an android body.  It would make people immortal, not needing a human body that breaks down with age and disease.  And it would free Michael from his wheelchair in the world outside Cheyenne’s VR Sexual Platform.

What Cheyenne does not know is that powerful groups have learned of this new discovery – and will do anything to get it.  Not everyone around her is what they seem to be.  Some have ulterior motives and no qualms about the methods they use to get what they want.  But, who’ll pay the ultimate price?

The end will surprise you and make you wonder about the person standing next to you.