Thursday, April 28, 2016



Is Illusion Bound the ultimate virtual reality simulation, a high-tech science fiction project or is it something more sinister or evil?  


Illusion Bound is built to be a place where extraterrestrials can visit Earth and have a chance to interact with humans, though it is limited interaction.  What is Illusion Bound?  Is it the ultimate virtual reality simulation, or is it something more sinister created by subtly bending the laws of physics?

It’s time to test Illusion Bound and four women are chosen from all the candidates who volunteered.  Why were all the test subject’s women?  No one knows. 

Shelby and Erin are sci-fi buffs who religiously attended Comic Con and fantasize about sexy aliens like Mr. Spock or G’Kar.  Baily is very different; her fantasies run along the lines of being molested on trains.  Hanna’s fantasies are centered on intimate examinations. 

Is Illusion Bound something that can satisfy all their different fantasies?  But what each of the four women encounter is far beyond her fantasies.  Each is thrust into a world she can’t explain.  Each will have to answer the question, is what they experience illusion, reality or something so new and different there is no term to describe it yet.

And what about Illusion Bound’s creator, Michael Foster?  Investigations revealed he seemed to appear out of nowhere ten years ago.  Before that no one can find out anything about him.  What is his secret?  What is the solution to the mystery that surrounds him?

Powerone, the Master of bondage fiction, brings you his kinkiest, most twisted novel yet – a mixture of science fiction and sizzling erotica that plumbs the depths of BDSM and beyond!




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