Friday, March 11, 2016




Powerone takes a classic fairy tale and updates it with his own brand of erotic BDSM as Alice encounters the strange character that all desire her in Alice Bound by the Mad Hatter

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice in this erotic, twisted fairy-tale adventure.  The abundance of excellent drugs caused the police to shut down the rock concert, and Alice follows Whitey Hare down the rabbit hole to find herself in a strange land of stranger people.  Alice, impulsive with a sense of self-importance, meets a long list of strange people, from Cat A. Pillar, Whitey Hare, Queeney F. Hart, King F. Hart Red Nite, Chester Cat, March Hair and the famous Mad Hatter.

All of her encounters end up in the same way. From Cat A. Pillar that uses his manhood to measure if Alice is shrinking or growing, the Tea Party became the Three Party when Hatter, March and Red all desire to have their way with Alice.  Alice loses in Queeney F. Hart’s croquet game and is subjected to the pleasure of King F. Hart.  Finally, at the trial of Red Nite for stealing the tarts, Alice is subjected to interrogation by Queeney’s interrogators, Dee Tweedle and Dum Tweedle.  Do they really want her to testify or do all just enjoy the interrogation?

If you loved Powerone’s Alice: Bound by the Prince, follow Alice as she submits to all that she encounters, bound for their pleasure and hers in Alice: Bound by Mad Hatter.  In the end, reality meets fantasy when Alice encounters the police that are determined to teach her a lesson for using drugs so openly at the rock concert.