Thursday, February 04, 2016


A tale of submission in a foreign land 


Powerone brings you a tale of submission in a foreign land that is vastly different from what they grew up in. Are they willing to give up their rights for a life of sexual excitement and pleasures that few would ever attain in their lifetime? Twists and turns are everywhere as men conspire to bring the women the unexpected. Each time, the women find a deep urge inside them for more as they perform for the powerful men that control their destiny.

Penelope’s archeologist husband, Frank, had cheated on her for decades. He left her at home to raise their two grown daughters while he was away in some foreign land. Finally, she had proof of his infidelity and used that leverage to make him take her and her daughters to his latest job in the Middle East country of Arabesque.

There are sinister forces at work as soon as they arrived in Arabesque. The four of them were under the scrutiny of those in power in Arabesque. Women have few rights in Arabesque, and they soon learned the hard, cold truth when they pass through customs, but Frank also finds himself under the same circumstances.

Fern graduated from college and would do anything for a position in the Adan Antiquity Museum, but Lord Hastings, the Governor of Arabesque, has other ideas. Beneath the Museum is another private exhibition for only the most discerning visitors, an elaborate museum of items of pleasure and pain. Fern becomes its guide, but it requires more than explanations, it requires demonstrations, and Lord Hastings believes in strict punishment for failure. Rebecca falls under the spell of Major Toma. As director of the new state of the art hospital, he needs someone to help with the wealthy visitors that tour the hospital. He has doctors to describe the hospital, but he has a need for someone to make sure that the visitor’s tours are memorable. With a vast array of medical equipment and furniture, Rebecca soon finds she’s the patient for the visitors. Innocent at first, Colonel Toma and the visitors show her the pleasure of submission.

Penelope’s long-time friend Jeffrey gave her the proof of Frank’s infidelity, and she thanked him with the same act that was on the video of Frank and another woman. Jeffrey finds a passion in Penelope, and he wants more.

Frank is trapped in Arabesque with his family and would do anything to get away. Within days of arriving in Arabesque, he manages to leave the city of Adan to go to an excavation site. But things are not what they seem to be, and Frank finds that his desire to get away is not without severe consequences. With Frank gone, Penelope is free to explore her new sexual passions that were ignited with Jeffrey. Colonel Kalb takes an interest in Penelope, but his intentions are two-fold. With Frank gone and Jeffrey’s return, he finds himself in competition for Penelope’s body, but both men find ways to share her. Penelope finds the newfound attention she receives from two handsome men too much to pass up. After years of an unsatisfying sexual life, she finds the two men willing to teach her all that she missed and more she never knew existed.

The action is fast paced, the outcomes unexpected as Powerone brings the story of Desert Submission in intimate detail that fans of BDSM expect from Powerone. This is another great novel that won’t be a disappointment to readers that have been spoiled by his writing style, unlike the short stories that others pass off as BDSM. You’ll find a happy ending for most, but in their love of submission, not their love of romance.