Monday, June 29, 2015


If you seek out the edges of the dark zone, don’t be surprised if you are met by pure EVIL!
Vale Perdition and his family were always mentioned in hushed whispers.  Vale’s black piercing eyes could see into your soul, and he knew your deepest and most shameful secrets.  But, it was his ability to control, make anyone submit, male or female, to his desires that gave him the power he had.  But, it was Ravenna that he sought.  Will he control her, or will she willingly submit?  Ravenna knew she was different, but she never expected to be this different.  Is this a match made in heaven or HELL?

Vale made Wexter University the renowned school it was, but many paid the price for his generosity and support.  The chancellor sought Vale’s money, but would the chancellor’s wife pay the price that he required from her?

His adopted children, now of college age, found their powers increasing, and they used it with immunity.  The woods around the Vale estate were littered with vast caverns, cathedrals to the pagan religion that sought out innocents for their pagan rituals.  They entered on their own volition, but they remembered nothing the next day.  They were merely vessels for the evil forces.

Powerone is a bestselling novelist of intense peril and sexuality. In this brilliant new book, he brings you EVIL in the ultimate form and shape, unfettered by human morality.