Saturday, May 16, 2015




From the Master of Male-Dom BDSM comes his first twisted tale of Fem-Dom BDSM that only Powerone can tell in his style.
Michelle is beautiful but attracts the wrong type of man, wanting only to bed her and move onto the next conquest.  Lester is attractive but nerdish.  They are unexpectedly drawn together.  After a year of marriage, Michelle finds Lester uninspiring in the bedroom.
But, in an unanticipated game of strip poker, Michelle discovers she possesses a knack for domination.  Lester is successful in business, a man that all look up to for inspiration and leadership, but can he find pleasure in submission to his wife in bed?  Lester finds himself in a whirlwind of pleasure and pain far beyond his expectations.  Michelle’s imagination is only exceeded by her harshness.  Will Michelle push Lester too far?  Or will Lester continue down the road of sexual enslavement by his wife?
In Powerone’s books ‘The sex scenes are really hot.” -Goodreads


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