Monday, March 09, 2015




Her stepsister Sybil comes back into her life when Bethany is most desperate.  She’s taken from the farmlands of update New York to the big city lights of New York City.  From overalls and work boots to garter belts and stockings, her stepsister transforms her.  Sybil left behind the farm life and had success; Bethany hopes to do the same.

Married in the City, Sybil asks her to come to live with her husband Michael in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Bethany is captivated by Michael and powerful men like him.  Chaste and inexperienced with men like these, she is easy prey to their fast-talking seductions.  Is she being led down a path of degradation and submission?  Or is she following her own desires, taking in pleasure where many women wouldn’t go?

The path is long and fraught with danger and Bethany finds strength in herself.  Will her strong will win out or will the men find her just another woman forced into submission and toss her away when they find new prey?  Set in the 1940s when the world is at war and women are just asserting their individuality, Bethany stands out with her strong will and open attitudes.