Monday, December 22, 2014


Newest Sizzler from the Master Novelist of Bondage and Submission!

 “Bound for Pirates Pleasure” is the tale of the privateers Heartless Helen and Captain Jack Hawkins during the American Revolution.  How did the Countess of Selkirk in Scotland become the dreaded privateer Heartless Helen?  What drove a woman that came from the aristocracy of English society to turn her back on her country and help the American Colonies revolt from British rule?

A bold plan to capture the Earl of Selkirk in his castle in Scotland and ransom him for captured privateers finds Captain Jack Hawkins without his victim, but instead, he takes the countess and her four handmaidens.  The women find themselves at the mercy of the pirates, but the pirates give them none.  The women soon find that submission is the only answer. 

His hopes to ransom the Countess for his captured privateers run afoul of nature when a storm batters his ship, The Ravager.  Set adrift and rudderless, hope is almost dashed before they find an idyllic island to make the extensive repairs needed.  Is there something sinister on the island that the pirates don’t find or see?  Will the women only trade one Master for another?  Can the countess and the handmaidens find the strength to take back their lives from all the men that only want their bodies for their pleasure?  


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