Saturday, February 02, 2013

WAR OF 2020



Powerone is back with a powerful drama of war and the casualties of war.  The United States is at war with China, and while it commits all its energy to overseas, the Canadians sneak in and take over the smaller ten border states that separate the U.S. and Canada.  Unable to push them back, the lines are drawn for a prolonged stalemate.

The story is about one small town in North Dakota and the ordeal of the inhabitants, captured in their own town.  The mayor’s house is taken over by the soldiers in command.  The mayor and his family are subject to the rule and command of the officers, and they take every advantage of the situation and the family.

The high school is converted to “The Center,” a facility of interrogation.  The families of those that oppose the Canadians are sent there not only to reveal their secrets, but also for the amusement of those that seek their thrills at the expense of the suffering of others.  The Canadians are as imaginative as they are brutal.  Micro bots that are controlled by computers are able to enter the bodies of the victims and do the unimaginable.  “Living Skin,” a breakthrough in the instant growth of protective skin in battlefield conditions, is stimulated by electricity using high-speed computers to take the shape of anything at will and move over and in the body, doing much more than any human man could do.

It’s a battle of wills for the soldiers and the captives.  Some fight the aggressors but soon learn the price for their defiance.  Others try to go along with the new order, but they find submission has its own price to pay.  Powerone has been absent from publishing one of his more extreme novels, but he is back with a vengeance with War of 2020.  You won’t find this novel on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or ITunes.  Ever.