Thursday, January 03, 2013


The jungles of the Amazon become savage for one woman scientist, when the search for discoveries of unknown plants to cure the sick clash with traditions of an indigenous people who jealously guard their land from intruders.
When the male-dominated tribe traps Lana as warning to the others, she is inculcated in the role of women in a culture where they are expected to be submissive and taught to serve men in any manner they desire.  Bound and used for the men’s pleasure, Lana is always looking for a way to escape.

 Two of the other scientists, Michael and Peter, each a mix of Louis Pasteur and Indiana Jones, will not be scared off or leave one of their own behind.  It is a battle of wills, not muscles, with the freedom of one woman hanging in the balance.  Outnumbered, but using their wits, Michael and Peter try to turn the tables on Lana's captors, employing the laws of the tribe's male-dominated culture to secure her release. 
 Will Lana free herself or be freed by Michael and Peter or is she to be forever swallowed up as a jungle captive?