Saturday, February 18, 2012



She entered a house possessed by a powerful and ghostly dominant who refuses to stop enslaving women - in spite of being dead for more than fifty years.

Faith can not only communicate with ghosts, she can see them, and since she was eighteen, they have possessed her sexually. Now a famous writer for Playhouse magazine, with an unsatisfied yearning for bondage, Faith seeks out homes that still bear the spirits of the past. Her latest assignment is Boldage House, whose Master was considered the strictest dominant of the 1940's and 1950's, until he was killed by an irate father.

Faith wants to know if tales of his ghostly presence at Boldage House still enslaving women from this world and initiating them into his world of submission are true. Once in Boldage House alone, Faith ties herself to a bondage chair she finds in an abandoned room, and waits... What she discovers next will change her life forever. For the Ghost Master has a way of enforcing his will -- even from beyond the grave.

Bondage and S&M with a twist that only Powerone can bring you.

Cover: Hot Damn DeSigns