Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

I am just finishing up a new novel, but the next one is already in my head. It will tentatively be called "Tales of Forced Orgasms". I wouldn't tell you a lot about the novel, but about the Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator that will be in it. If you haven't tried it, you better soon.

You can find it on Amazon

But to truly experience all the pleasure from it, check out the attachments that are available. See them on YouTube

The girls in my new novel might be forced to cum, but they wouldn't mind it at all.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Proper Fit for a Ball Gag

There are so many types of mouth gags, that it is hard to find one that is suitable. My preferences run to the solid rubber ball. I don't like the plastic ones with the holes in them for easier breathing. A ball gag is not for the comfort of the victim.

The ball gag should be big enough to fill the mouth completely, but it’s important that it doesn't push against the teeth and open the mouth to wide. The victim should know that her mouth is filled completely yet you don't want a gaping hole for the mouth with drool running everywhere.

The ball should be under-inflated. I find that when the ball is softer, it tends to move in the mouth as the air is pushed from one side to the other by the victim's own movements as she struggles. It produces a very desirable effect. It the victim tries to close her mouth, it forces the air to the back of the ball and also the back of her mouth. If the ball fills her mouth completely, the ball will have no place to go except for the tiny opening of her throat. This will produce a delightful gagging sensation in the victim as it tries to squeeze into her throat.

The victim's own struggles will intensify, fighting to keep it out, finally opening her mouth wider in spite of the pain to keep it out. This will only last a few moments until her struggle will prove futile, clenching her mouth tighter once again, the ball forced into the tight opening of her throat once again, another delicious gag from deep in her throat.

You will enjoy the tears in her eyes and the way her throat bobs up and down each time she gags on the ball. Yet there is no escape for her, suffering in silence for your pleasure.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Only Powerone could bring alive the darkest desires of three girls in their journey through the world of Bondage Photography. Three stories of young, innocent girls that never knew what dormant, sexual desires were buried deep inside them.

Brittany was beautiful, sophisticated and able to twist boys around her fingers, but she found the lure of fame and fortune as a spokeswoman for a cutting-edge lingerie company that had discovered Bondage sold high fashions. Her fame and fortune was bought with it a trade off. Older men wanted to possess her in ways that excited her and scared her, finding her voluptuous body bound for their pleasure.

Alice was looking for her college pictures, but the photographer found something in her that she never knew existed. She came sexually alive before the camera, not only to please the camera, but also to please the photographer. He became more demanding, Alice finding she grew aroused as she was bound and used in every conceivable way by the photographer and his friends.

Donna knew what she thought she wanted, but it took the photographer to show her what she really needed. Older than the other girls, she came to be photographed bound, though she had never done such a thing before. The photographer tested her resolve, each time pushing her further, not only into Bondage, but also into S&M, until pleasure and pain were indistinguishable and Donna succumbed to their depraved lust for her body.