Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tutored to Submit

I'm working on a new novel. A mother and her two daughters, 18 and 20 move to Venezuela for her new job. They find men there that enjoy training young girls. Not for the girls pleasure, but in serving the pleasure of them.

Older men don't take them quickly like boys. They tease the young girls bodies until they are begging for release. But the men demand more from the girls. Making them take more rigorous sexual demands, their tight, elastic bodies forced to take the hard pounding of their organs.

The men enjoy humiliating the girls, forcing them to strip naked in front of other men, posing their bodies in the most obscene positions for all to see. That is only the beginning, the naked bodies bound tight and spread wide, vulnerable to the touch of a whip in the most sensitive places.

The girls have no idea of the perverted acts the men will force them to perform, pain giving way to pleasure as the men delight in torturing young, supple flesh.