Friday, January 21, 2011


Captured by men that sought a few dollars to survive, an archeological family is sold to slave traders, a mother and daughter separated from the father by their captors. The mother loved to tease the foreign men with her voluptuous body, but she never reckoned having to submit to their perverted lust. The daughter, just coming of age, learned early of the older men that desired her young body and wanted to train her in the art of pleasuring a man. Sold to a wealthy Emir, they are forced to make hard choices, the men demanding and punishment severe for those to fail to submit. Will they escape their captors or are they destined to be Slaves of The Desert Masters forever?

Sandra is forced to perform sexually with her captor, her daughter forced to watch the depraved act. The bond between mother and daughter was always strained, Sandra never realizing that Jenny had become a woman, in spite of the foreign men that sought out Jenny’s submissive body for their pleasure. Would Jenny’s jealousy of her mother lead her to perform lewd acts with men that are as old as her father?

Sandra had always controlled men with her voluptuous body, but these men were different. Their wealth and power forced her into submission to their jaded lust. Would she fight the depraved acts or would her body embrace them?

Rescue is the only shred of hope for the three captives, but will it be in time to save them from the depravity of the evil men that bought them as slaves? The desert explodes in the daring rescue, four men doing what an army could not. The race to escape is filled with twists and turns. Will the family be reunited, or will they just be another Slaves of the Desert Masters?


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