Friday, December 03, 2010



Michael knows what women need, even though they might not know what they want. Owner of the successful Fantasy Bondage House, Michael’s club is for the wealthy to indulge their most perverted fantasies. But Michael takes it one step further, knowing that humiliation is a powerful aphrodisiac. He has stages that cater to his patrons’ fantasies, but they must perform in front of others, Michael interjecting unknowns that only drive their arousal to shattering orgasm of shame and lust. It’s stranger pitted against stranger, their bodies and souls lay naked before the audience.

Michael sees something in his new outside accountant, Charlotte. A stunning redhead with a body that was built for lust, he discovers a deep-seated desire for submission and subjugation. Work draws them close, but Michael is after her passion, pushing her past her limits with each sexual encounter.

She cannot stop him as he draws her deeper into the dark world of perversion and submission. He takes possession of her body, using her in perverted acts that she never knew existed until finally she finds comfort in the surrender that only stringent bondage and final subjugation could provide her. Is she a plaything for Michael, taking her in every manner until he tires of her? Is there more behind the dark eyes of this dominant man than his lust for her female flesh, or will she find her true happiness with another? Fantasy Bondage House is another classic tale of sweet surrender told by Powerone in his unique style.