Monday, January 25, 2010



BDSM at its best. Most worship Natia’s exotic beauty, but there are some that are not intimidated by her, some that see something deeper in her alluring green eyes. A vulnerability that they can exploit for their pleasure, enforced bondage their tool to tame her. On her own for the first time, she is set upon by men that only want her flesh. From her first friend that helps her move to NYC and takes her innocence from her as payment, to what she thought was a loving and sensitive husband who uses her to advance his career, Natia’s body given to his boss while he watches, in increasingly humiliating and degrading acts that Natia cannot refuse from her demanding boss.

Her life out of control, Natia leaves the decadent lifestyle she was forced into, leading an idyllic life that lasts ten years until the untimely death of her bosses. A series of events sets her life in a spiral. This time Natia understands more of what drives her, finding pleasure in stringent bondage and demanding sex. From black, Nigeria rebels that hold her for ransom, delighting in the acts they commit on her body, to the Chairman of the Board, a woman taking Natia in ways that only men have done before, always an audience of men to watch her commit the most humiliating acts. Ropes hold her submissively, pleasure and pain merging until Natia cannot distinguish between them or wants to, letting her body submit to her deepest fears and desires. Will Natia run away once again, or will she submit to the powerful men and women that know how to control her sexually?