Monday, October 05, 2009

COMING 10/12/09

When Hurricane Katrina tore apart New Orleans, many left. Some saw an opportunity and moved in. They live like they never did before, no longer afraid or hiding in the shadows. Their name is whispered: the Newcomers.

Madeline dresses Goth, but she knows little of the true life. New to the city, Madeline is drawn into the evil darkness that pervades the city at night when the Newcomers come out to seek their prey. The Newcomers know her secret, fighting to be the one that will take her innocence and drink the blood of a virgin. Will Madeline succumb to their power, eager for the touch of a strong man that would take her like she only dreamed of, bound, unable to stop him from doing anything he wants to her innocent body? Will the Newcomers toss Madeline aside once they snatched her innocence, or is she destined to become much more?

“Bound and Bitten” is Powerone’s classic novel of the struggle between vampires that use their power to seduce the innocent and feed their lust for blood and those that seek them out, wanting to be taken by the ultimate Alpha male, to be used for his pleasure in any manner, no matter how perverted or deadly.



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