Monday, August 17, 2009

I've been extremely busy. "Kidnapped to be a Whore" has become a record breaking novel for me. In two weeks it sailed through 4 awards, they even had to name a new one to keep up with the record breaking sales. In less then two weeks, it is #2 for the year in sales and #15 for all time. I will be #1 for the year before the end of the month. Thanks to the many readers that snapped up this great novel.

I also started a new novel. Tentatively titled "Vampire: Virgin Blood" it will be out mid September. You are going to love this one, lots of twists and turns and plenty of BDSM for all my fans. Tulia should have the cover by next weekend so look for it soon.

Posted some new free stories, "The Lord Rules the Manor" the first chapter of this illustrated story posted now. I also finished the final chapter of "The Judge".

A reader (the same one that gave me the idea for "Kidnapped" gave me another idea. I think its too short for a novel, but it might make a good short story. Watch for "Virgin Whore".


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