Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorry for the delay in posting, but have been busy between writing my new novel and traffic school, along with nice weather at the beach.

is doing well. It has been #1 on the publishers website since it came out and its moving up the list on

I am working on a new novel, tentatively called "Kidnapped to be a Whore". With that title I don't think I will have to describe much about it. Tulia should have a cover for it soon, so I will post it as soon as it's finished.

Tulia has also been putting new covers on some of my classic, more extreme novels. Already done is all the volumes of "Mexican Rebels Sex Slaves" and "County Jail". She will be working on "Witches Convent" soon. You can find them on

Adult Ebook Shop

Check them out, you'll love the new covers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - Came across ur site recently. read quite a few of ur stories too... good stuff. wondering if u plan 2 finish the one called ransom demand?

6:44 AM  

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