Monday, June 01, 2009

My website is all back the way it was with all of the stories converted to webpages for easy reading. I hope you enjoy.

Finishing up Opposites, my latest book. Should be finished writing on it next weekend with it being published the middle of June. You'll really like this one, a nice twist in it that you wouldn't see coming.

I have a new cover by Tulia for County Jail which I am sure you will love

I have already thought of my next novel for which I plan for July. It will be a story of two girls kidnapped. They are both sold in the sex trade. One will be sold as a whore to the men that will pay the most for her virginities. The other will be trained by her owner to pleasure men and I am sure she will require painful persuasion to perform the most perverted acts. Her owner will call her father to taunt him, making him watch as his daughter begs to be rescued and then is forced to watch her perform the perverted acts with her owner. If he fails to watch the complete video, he will never hear from her again. I think you will like this one and I am sure that Tulia will come up with an outstanding cover for it. If you have any suggestions for a title, comment on this post and send it as an email. I want a name with the word "whore" in it.



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