Monday, May 04, 2009

TULIA did a new picture that I think you will like. It's added to "Tulia's Corner" on my website along with all her other pictures. I am hoping soon to see the new cover for my latest novel "Opposites" which will be out around June 1st.

"Subjected Teacher" is doing great on with great voting. Those that have bought it, love it. And at 50% off (all Powerone novels on are at 50%) you can't go wrong. Where else can you buy a Powerone novel for $3.00?

I'm getting behind on my stories. Weather is too nice and I'm enjoying writing "Opposites" so it is hard to take the time out to add to a story. I began the end of "The Cop and the Reluctant Teen" but didn't get it finished. Hopefully next weekend.

I updated my website with some of my "Lost Stories". I find many don't dig through my library so I uncovered some of my best "gems" for you to read.


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