Monday, April 27, 2009

Just posted my newest story, The Cop and The Reluctant Teen. Its the short story that's been in my head for too long. I still haven't finished it yet, but you will enjoy. This is the one that Tulia did a sketch to inspire me to write it.

I am working on my newest novel, Opposites. It is going slow, the weather too nice, too many distractions. You will enjoy this one, nice twist in it.

All of my latest novels are doing well. Mexican Rebels Sex Slaves Volume 1 is selling on a new website with a new cover.

War Victims went Diamond sales in only 6 days. I am still hoping for Platinum before the end of the month. One of my best.

Subjected Teacher was posted late on because of a reject in the loading process. It came out over a month later then on the publisher site. It moved up to #23 on, and is now at #31 after three week with great ratings. This one is a must read.

Tulia, my talented artist is busy finishing up her thesis for college so she has been extremely busy and stressed. Soon it will all be over.


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