Friday, March 20, 2009


For the lovers of my more extreme novels, you will love this novel. And the cover by Tulia.

War Victims is doing well. About half way done and expect to get a lot done this weekend. Weather not exactly cooperating much. Overcast but it is 60 so I am not about to complain too much.

I'm on the second story of the novel, with one or two more to write. Plan to do an outake on this story (called Forced Pleasure Slaves) to publish for free on my website.

I couldn't find a war I liked so I made up my own

"The Second Civil War of 2010 was the West against the East, California taking the lead and attacking the heartland of the United States with ease. The economic crisis that began in early 2007 had mushroomed, the Federal government unable to stem the financial losses. The Western states blamed the financial capital in New York and the political capital in Washington, D.C. for the demise of the credit and financial markets and the huge economic losses that followed.

President Arnold Schwarzenegger took charge of the Western forces, though it did create a conflict in his family, Maria Shriver’s families’ roots in Massachusetts. The United States government fell quickly, the military in the Western states aligning with the Western forces. Within a month, the Western armies had driven as far East as Chicago, the city quickly capitulating to the superior Western forces. By the summer of 2011, the lines had been drawn, Chicago west and south belonging to the Western United States, to the East still part of the Eastern United States, Mitt Romney now President. The battle lines had been drawn, with the war raging along a thin line of no man’s land separating the two."


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