Monday, March 30, 2009

"War Victims"

The novel, "War Victims" is almost complete, probably by next weekend. I plan to do an outtake for a free story on my website to interest my readers in the novel. Tulia is working on a picture to go along with the story. Here it is, partly done. I think you'll like the story as well as the picture.

I also have two or three Editors that edit my novels. Jan is my main one. She's been doing it for a couple of years now for me. Than I have Alexis, which comes and goes like the tides, but also has been doing it for over a year. The newest one is Roxanne, starting a couple of months ago. They all do excellent jobs in catching my incorrect words, phrases and most important they tell me when I have characters doing unbelievable things.

Still waiting for Subjected Teacher to be on My publisher keeps telling me Monday, but there was a problem with the last file she uploaded (it rejected) so I am still looking at it next week.



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