Monday, January 26, 2009

New Cover

This is the new cover for the novel that I am currently writing, Subjected Teacher. If you have any comments, email me at This is another great cover done by Tulia. If you like it, send me an email and I will forward it to her.

Got a lot done over the weekend on it. Working on a nice bondage, girl-girl sex scene for the novel. Its about half done, another couple of weeks to finish it. I can't hurry it too much because Ravished by the Pirates on is doing tremendous. It got to #5 last week and is still #6 and selling well. If you missed this one, buy it now. It's a great book.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shave her Pussy

I am working on a new novel to be called Subjected Teacher, Dominated Teacher or Suspended Teacher (will never know until I finish). So I was thinking about doing a scene in which the main character is made to shave her pussy of all her hair in front of Headmaster Michael. Since it is a bit difficult for me to feel the shame or humiliation of being forced to do that in public, I asked my Cover Artist, Tulia to write a short description of it.

Under duress, she complied with my demand and did it, though she said she felt uneasy after she did. I thought it was great. Here is a bit of it. If you want more, you will have to wait for the novel to come out in February.

“Tulia slowly got undressed feeling uneasy about what she was about to do. It wasn't as if shaving her pussy was something to be ashamed of but she always done it alone without an audience and now Michael wanted to watch her. As if shaving was something erotic. Strangely she didn't mind masturbating for him. She wouldn't even mind him shaving her, feeling his fingers on her pussy, sure she would be soaking wet after he was done with her. Unconsciously she slipped off her panties feeling tiny but hard hairs of her pussy scratching her hand. She looked down. Her pussy didn't even looked good anymore, short black hairs covering whole area under her belly.”

Friday, January 09, 2009


Captain James Bonny was a pirate feared on the high seas, by none more than by the Spanish. Captain Bonny surprises the crew of the Spanish ship Fenix; a brief but bloody fight leaves the ship his to plunder. Luck has it that the Fenix was carrying a special cargo, Princess Stefani of Spain, bound for the new land to marry her betrothed, Lord Francisco Diego, accompanied by her eight lovely handmaidens.

With twenty days before they reach their home port to sell their human cargo at the slave auction, Captain Bonny and his band of cutthroats teach their captives the pleasures of the flesh. In spite of their reluctance, the women soon learn that the way of survival is to satisfy the lust of the men in any manner they desire. And the women learn that powerful men have ways of making them feel the pleasure, even when they try to resist the urges that spread through their bodies. Don’t miss the surprise ending of this powerful drama.