Saturday, May 05, 2007

"The Store" Posted to my Website

A lost story titled "The Store" by Lyn has been posted to my website. I requested Lyn to go to an adult toy story and buy some items. But she must ask for help from the clerk. Read the humiliating experience as told by Lyn. This story was posted years ago, but lost in a hard disk crash. Tulia had saved it and sent it to me the other day (including the second part). I want to thank her.

My latest novel "Castle of Pleasure and Pain" has literally shot to #1 in a day. After only five days, it is #4 for all of 2007 and #13 for the highest selling novel ever on this site. Don't miss out what others are raving about.

Check out tomorrow to meet the new girl(s) under my desk.


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