Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stinging Nettles

Finished Chapter 6 of "The Castle of Pleasure and Pain". One last chapter and it will be completed. Last chapter will be a real treat, you will hear about it this weekend.

Well, the screaming died down. I did have one neighbor come by, but I don't think she was coming over to complain. A very sexy woman, a button down blouse that seemed to have lost most of its buttons, a lovely pair of tits that enticed me. She had come over to bring me flowers, and from what they are, I think she has been spying on me.

I opened up the box of flowers, a fresh batch of stinging nettles. She smiled at me. "Just picked yesterday and I kept them in cold water to keep them potent. I thought you might need them. I could help you if you desire. I would love to rub them all over that lovely creature you have under the desk. That would leave you free to use her mouth for your every desire. I imagine it would feel lovely to have her scream when you are in her mouth. Such delightful vibrations."

I opened the door, letting her in, gazing at the lovely ass that swished by me. It was going to be a good day today.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would really love to read more on "Home Invasion".

10:45 AM  

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