Friday, April 27, 2007



A castle sits high in the Bavarian mountains, shrouded by fog. But inside, the lights blaze brightly, a haven for the German Officers to come and relax from the harshness of the war. The exclusive resort for the privileged few boasts a fine selection of girls, captured and taken from their home to serve the German Masters.

Powerone weaves an erotic tale of extreme domination and torture. The helpless virgins are used to feed the perverse appetites of the German Officers. No perversion is too extreme. Public masturbation, girl sex, whipping, clamps, electrodes and stinging nettles are some of the preferred methods the officers use for their sexual gratification.

But nothing was more perverse than the Sacrifice to the God Dionysus. It was a statue over seven feet tall, prominent features carved in smooth stone, none more than the one that grew up from between his legs.

“It stood out at least a foot, the shaft so thick that Angela didn’t think she could even get her hand around it. The head, if that is what you could call it was the size of thick fist. She stared at it as if she were mesmerized, checking out every detail on the intricately carved penis.”

Virgins are forced to ride the God, a whip used to entice the rhythmic coupling required for the orgasm that the unyielding shaft would induce in the girls.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Today is Executive Assistant Day

My latest novel, "The Castle of Pleasure and Pain" is finished and off to the publisher (more about it Friday). In appreciation for the excellent job my girl under the desk did and also since today is Executive Assistant Day I bought her a lovely toy. It is Gina Lynn’s Vibrating Orgasm Balls.

It was described as;

Made with Futurotic, natural feeling material, this female masturbation device is sure to give you an orgasmic experience. The balls are inserted in the vagina. Turn on the multi-speed vibrations & let the orgasmic stimulation begin. 4 1/2" circumference.

Well, it seems to be a hit. Since I am not writing today, she quickly got naked and is now gyrating on the floor, the soft hum of the balls emulating from between her tightly clenched thighs. I'm not sure, but I think it was her second orgasm already and she doesn't seem to be tired or sated.

I appreciate her excellent work while I wrote The Castle of Pleasure and Pain, but today is her last day. I am beginning a new novel, The Sexual Misadventures of Lady Charlotte, a combination of Powerone's style and classic erotica. With each new novel, comes a new girl, each girl’s style particular to the novel. Will tell you more of the new girl next week.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stinging Nettles

Finished Chapter 6 of "The Castle of Pleasure and Pain". One last chapter and it will be completed. Last chapter will be a real treat, you will hear about it this weekend.

Well, the screaming died down. I did have one neighbor come by, but I don't think she was coming over to complain. A very sexy woman, a button down blouse that seemed to have lost most of its buttons, a lovely pair of tits that enticed me. She had come over to bring me flowers, and from what they are, I think she has been spying on me.

I opened up the box of flowers, a fresh batch of stinging nettles. She smiled at me. "Just picked yesterday and I kept them in cold water to keep them potent. I thought you might need them. I could help you if you desire. I would love to rub them all over that lovely creature you have under the desk. That would leave you free to use her mouth for your every desire. I imagine it would feel lovely to have her scream when you are in her mouth. Such delightful vibrations."

I opened the door, letting her in, gazing at the lovely ass that swished by me. It was going to be a good day today.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Castle of Pleasure and Pain

I am finishing up my latest novel for titled "The Castle of Pleasure and Pain". This is a story about a castle high in the Bavarian mountains that the German Army uses for the pleasure of their high ranking officers. Girls are captured and brought to the castle to serve to the pleasure of the Officers. They are subject to the most perverse desires of the Officers.

I am working on one chapter with the use of "Stinging Nettles" used on one of the unfortunate girls so I have been testing them on the girl beneath my desk this week. Any suggestions on how to quiet down her screams? I've had many complaints by the neighbors. I could gag her, but that eliminates the pleasure I receive from hearing her scream.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Renaissance Ebooks

They are still having server problems with downloads. If you send them an email they will send you a copy of your book by email until they can resolve the problem.

After numerous suggestions from readers, I instituted a mandatory one hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks for the girl under my desk.

It seems to be working, she is energetically working beneath my desk, keeping me stimulated as I write a new chapter of my next novel, The Castle of Pleasure and Pain. This chapter is titled "The Torture of the English Lady and her Two Daughters" and has proven to be very long. Just so many wonderful things you can do to the mother and her two eighteen year old daughters.

Don't forget

Runaway Wife

PS There seems to be a problem with Renaissance Ebooks servers and you might have trouble downloading titles you have already purchaesed. I have contacted them as to the problem. I know they had a down server for 36 hours but I thought it had been resolved.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 10, 2007

If you ever read my interview (you can find it on my website at Powerone)
you will see that I always have a girl under my desk. It is her job to keep me aroused as I write
(I'm a good employer, I supply a very well stuffed pillow for her to kneel on).
Today she didn't do a very good job, allowing me to cum after only two hours.
She is now kneeling in the corner, a nice set of shiny nipple clamps pinching tightly on her big, pink nipples. She has another ten minutes before she can take them off. Hopefully tomorrow she will do a better job. I am trying to finish up my next novel, The Castle of Pain and Pleasure.

Don't forget to read my latest novel "Runaway Wife". You can find it at

Sunday, April 08, 2007



This is a story by Satrina. She normally writes horror/vampire stories. She posted chapter 1 three years ago. She noticed that it was still up on my website so she wrote chapter 2. She has also promised a chapter 3 sooner than three years. You can find the story on my website under