Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Stories on my Website

I posted the previous chapters of "The Priest Molests His Flock". I finished the final chapter and it is being edited now. You can find it on my website prior to July 29, 2006.

I am also posting my stories exclusively on my website for the first 30 days before I post to the other sites. So check my website often.

I also heard from Sinsationalsub after a long absence. She is the one that wrote "THE VILLAGE OF AGONY AND ESCTASY" with me and she has agreed to continue the story. In fact I already have her contribution to the next chapter so watch for it to be posted soon.

Tokyo Bondage School is now back to the regular price of $6.99 but you can still get it for $5.99 if you go here:

Instead of the website. Not sure how long it will last, so if you haven't read it, get it quick. It contains 6 original illustrations by a famous Japanese artist illustrated exclusively for this novel.


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