Saturday, July 08, 2006

Enslaved At Work

Her boyfriend steals money from her employer, leaving her alone to take the punishment. Set in the 1950's in New Jersey, Sandy finds herself at the mercy of her boss. Face time in jail or 6 months of punishment and sexual servitude. She accepts the latter.

Both of her bosses use her for their sexual gratification, Sandy quickly experiencing the perversions that she never even dared imagine. She finds that even when punished, she receives pleasure. Her best friend at work, Fern is jealous of the attention, volunteers to join Sandy with the two bosses, both of them quickly used for the mens pleasure.

This novel should be out by August 1st on Renaissane E-books.


Blogger sinsationalsub said...

Hey remember me? sinsationalsub here..You made it!! Great stories!!
I am me at or Hugs and kisses...sinsationalsub

4:35 AM  
Blogger MM said...

Hello Powerone.

I’m a great admirer of your stories, which are a great inspiration. I write some stories myself, but do not publish them (at least not for financial gain). In particular I like your stories ‘Nazi Prison Camp’ and ‘Japanese Capture of the Missionary’s Daughter’. They are fabulous. But will you ever write sequels to them?
I would love to write some developments of them myself, but would not want to infringe your copyright. In the Nazi story, Loren would not just be a schoolgirl, but she would also be a courier for the Resistance. She will have been denounced by one of her schoolgirl friends, who had been tortured in the Nazi prison. Loren would have a younger sister too. Both would be captured at home similar to the way that you describe. Both would then be taken to the prison where they would be tortured for information and raped many times. Eventually Loren would give away the information about her young schoolgirl Resistance contacts to save her younger sister from more torture, but would then have to watch as her sister was brutalised before her. The young friends that she had been forced to denounce would then be rounded up with the other children in their families, dragged to the prison and too would be tortured and raped.
In the Japanese story, I would develop more about Loren and she too would have a younger sister. Also their parents would be looking after several other young girls, the children of other missionaries. After Loren’s capture she is treated to all kinds of tortures and rape, including floggings with whips. Her younger sister, frightened for the safety of her big sister, goes off to try to find her, and she too is captured by the Japanese. She also has to endure torture, floggings and rape, before like Loren being handed over to the men to play with. One by one the Japanese also capture the other children, and treat each one of them to all manner of heartless brutality.
I’m sure that you would not like me to write this, but maybe it gives you some inspiration for developing your stories further.
Is there any chance that you might one day write Loren into a story on the Inquisition, or Witchfinders? Lots of scope for rape, floggings and medieval torture.


1:09 AM  

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