Saturday, July 29, 2006

A New Novel From Powerone on August 1
From the #1 Best Selling Author Powerone comes a tale of blackmail in the workplace. “A Slave To Work” finds Sandy’s boyfriend stealing money from her work and leaving her for an up and coming actress. Deserted and confronted by her bosses, Sandy has no other options but to submit to their demands. And demanding they are, shattering Sandy’s sheltered sexual experiences. Follow Sandy’s journey into submission as the men dominate her, forcing her into the perverted acts that they require of her in restitution. Her bosses during the day become her Masters after work, finding a deep seated desire in her to please, her body unexpectedly responding to their increasing perverse demands.
Look for it at

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I will be posting the previous chapters of "THE VILLAGE OF AGONY AND ESCTASY" on Friday. Next week I will post the newest chapter. It is in for final edit. Look for it on August 4th.

If you haven't read this one previously, catch the beginning.

A tale of long time ago when women were taken from their villages to become sex slaves by cruel men that had no regard for them except to satisfy their sexual perversions. This is the plight of Bella and her new found friend, Raisa and what they had to undergo to survive in this brutal time.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Priest Molest His Flock-Chapter 12

The Priest Molests His Flock, Chapter 12, The Conclusion
is posted to my website;

This consists of 12 chapters. Father John is transferred to his third Parish. Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners, esepcially the vulnerable girls.
One of my more "intense" stories.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Stories on my Website

I posted the previous chapters of "The Priest Molests His Flock". I finished the final chapter and it is being edited now. You can find it on my website prior to July 29, 2006.

I am also posting my stories exclusively on my website for the first 30 days before I post to the other sites. So check my website often.

I also heard from Sinsationalsub after a long absence. She is the one that wrote "THE VILLAGE OF AGONY AND ESCTASY" with me and she has agreed to continue the story. In fact I already have her contribution to the next chapter so watch for it to be posted soon.

Tokyo Bondage School is now back to the regular price of $6.99 but you can still get it for $5.99 if you go here:

Instead of the website. Not sure how long it will last, so if you haven't read it, get it quick. It contains 6 original illustrations by a famous Japanese artist illustrated exclusively for this novel.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Last Chance for Tokyo Bondage School at LOW Price

This is the last chance to get TOKYO BONDAGE SCHOOL
for the LOW price of $5.99.
The reduced price is only for 14 days and time is running out quickly.
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Enslaved At Work

Her boyfriend steals money from her employer, leaving her alone to take the punishment. Set in the 1950's in New Jersey, Sandy finds herself at the mercy of her boss. Face time in jail or 6 months of punishment and sexual servitude. She accepts the latter.

Both of her bosses use her for their sexual gratification, Sandy quickly experiencing the perversions that she never even dared imagine. She finds that even when punished, she receives pleasure. Her best friend at work, Fern is jealous of the attention, volunteers to join Sandy with the two bosses, both of them quickly used for the mens pleasure.

This novel should be out by August 1st on Renaissane E-books.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Enslaved At Work

Enslaved At Work has about two pages left and it will be finished. I still expect it to be published around the 15th of July, hoping that my Editors can get it done by then.

Will then start working on a few short stories.

Witches Convent has two chapters completed and out to the Editors. This is one of my "intense" novels and if you love novels like Tokyo Bondage School, or Ravished By the Pirates, you'll love this one.

Have to work for a few days, the price for a great 4th of July weekend. Will be back to writing on Friday.

Tokyo Bondage School is #1 bestseller. If you haven't read it yet, you don't want to miss it.