Friday, June 30, 2006



Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tokyo Bondage School

The ad for Tokyo Bondage School along with the cover art is up on my website. The link takes you to my page on the publisher site, but you have to wait until July 1st before my newest novel is up and posted.

Don't forget to review the story if you buy the novel.

I'm down to the last chapters of Enslaved At Work. I expect it to be published by July 15th.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tokyo Bondage School

I will have the cover art, the blurb and the excert from my newest novel, "Tokyo Bondage School" on my website Wednesday morning. The novel will be on sale for $6.99 with the first 14 days the price will be reduced to $5.99. It will go on sale July 1st (but England time so it is really June 30th in the US). The cover art is one of the illustrations so you can see the excellent drawing by the artist.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Latest Updates

The story "Family Rituals" is up on my webite and about four other websites for those that would like to read it. A continuing story you don't want to miss out on this. Written with SummerElizabeth8 it will have some great chapters in the future.

Final edit of "Tokyo Bondage School" is done. Will send it to the publisher today and it will go on sale Friday June 30, 2006. Watch this blog for details and an excert. The limited number of illustrations are excellent.

Finishing up Enslaved At Work and expect it to be published by Renaissance E-books in about two weeks. Check out their new website at

They have two of my novels with the rest to be up in the next couple of weeks. A 20% discount on them can be had for the next week or so.

Still haven't heard from about my novel "Bound For Her Husbands Pleasure". They say it takes about two months, its been about three weeks now. This is my best novel yet. A romance novel, not an erotic novel like the rest of my novels.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Family Rituals Chapter 1 & 2

Family Rituals, a story co-written by Powerone and SummerElizabeth8 is now published on my website (click Powerone Website under Links).

This is a story of a girl that announces her engagement to her parents. Brought up strictily by her Father, he announces that according to the custom of generations, he will sexuallytrain her to fulfill her wifely duties. During her time of training, her Mother will accomodate her Fiances sexual desires and give him a glimpse of what will be required of him as the Master of the house.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Family Rituals

There will be a new short story on my website ( by this weekend. It is called "Family Rituals" and is a colloboration between SummerElizabeth8 (you can find her on Literotica) and myself. The first two chapters will be posted.

Family Rituals is a story of Amanda, eighteen, a virgin annouces that she is to be married. Brought up in a stictly by her Father, he shockingly announces

"Just as your Mother and her Mother did, the family believes that the daughter must be trained sexually for your new husband. He does not have the experience or ability to train a virgin in the manner that she needs to fulfill her wifely duties. For generations this has fallen to the Father and I will take the mantle of tradition and indoctrinate you in the joys of submission."

This process takes a year and during that time Evan the fiance'

"He will begin to explore the pleasure that you will be taught to give him and what is expected of him as the Master of his house. "

with Amanda's mother. This will be a continuing story with new chapters every three weeks or so.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bound For Her Husbands Pleasure

Bound for Her Husbands Pleasure has been sent off to the publisher. This is a new publisher, so it might be months for a response.

Tokyo Bondage School will be sent to the publisher in the next week or so. I am planning for it to be published July 1st.

Been working on Enslaved at Work. Renaissance E-books is expecting their website to finally be completed so I am pushing to have it ready for them by July 1st also.

I am also working on the last and final chapter of the story "The Priests Molests His Flock." If you haven't read the first 11 chapters, go to my website at poweronestories and read it.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Website up and Running is up and running again. All the stories are posted and are now all text files so they should be faster loading.


Friday, June 02, 2006


I have a new ISP and if you go to

You can at least see my under construction sign. Will be working on it this weekend to see if I can get it back up but it might take a while. I have over 70 stories to download and I plan to change them all to text files to make them download quicker.

Check back daily to see how it is going.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Website temporarily Down

My website is temporarily down. Check by the beginning of next week when it should be corrected. If you have it bookmarked, go to the following address:

I am moving it to a new ISP and should be completed by Tuesday, depending on how long it takes to get the pointer changed on my domain name.