Monday, May 01, 2006

Ravished By The Pirates

My latest novel, Ravished by the Pirates is now on sale. Click the link to the right or go to:

This is one of my more intense novels. The first of the "Girl's In Peril" series.

Captain James was a pirate – and his target was the ships of The King of Spain. James knew there would be young women on board – young women he could capture and take off to the slave auctions. Normally, once they returned to Port Royal, women were quickly dispatched to the slave market, many sold to serve out the rest of their lives in whore houses, servicing those that wished to pay for the pleasure that their pussies, mouths and assholes would provide.

He hoped the women on this boat were young daughters instead of wives, virgins instead of mothers. His men would enjoy the ravishment of the girls, coercing them with the whip to perform whatever perversion his men could think of, each girl having to take on the whole crew in a continuous orgy. When the pirates tired of waiting their turns, they would take the girls at the same time, all of her orifices filled with the raging hard cocks of lustful pirates.

When they found the women hiding below deck though, Captain James realised he had happened upon a real treasure – Princess Stefani, daughter of the King himself. This would be one voyage Captain James would relish more than the others and for Princess Stefani it would bring an education her worst nightmares could never have made her imagine.


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