Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day if you're a Yank

For those in the US, today is Memorial Day. The beach is lovely today, with the MTV show TRL coming from here all week. Nice place if you want to see a lot of half naked sixteen year olds yelling and screaming, LOL.

Been working on Enslaved at Work. Have a new patio set so I can now work outside and have found that my productivity has doubled. Also good for inspiration with all the lovely girls walking by as I work. Ah, if they only knew what I was thinking as I looked up at them.

It looks like Ravished by The Pirates is going to win the Best Selling novel for May on Only a day left (the site is in England so it is already Tuesday there). Thanks for all that bought it and for those that haven't follow the link to the right to still get the discounted price. $1.50 off the regualar price.



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