Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bound For Her Husbands Pleasure

I've been working on Bound For Her Husbands Pleasure. It's at 51,000 words, will go to about 65,000.

This is my "romantic novel". It's a story about a mid twenties girl that meets a powerful and handsome man. Her life had been a series of unfullfilling men. Even though they fawned all over her, she never met Mr. Right.

She first meets Michael at her job as an ad executive. Her company does not get the account but a chance meeting throws them together. Lyn falls for him, but finds that she might have to give more then she ever has in the past to make him happy. While her previous boyfriends always tried to please her sexually, Lyn finds that this romance is different, Michael more demanding. To please him, Michael leads her down the path of BDSM and submission, Lyn learning quickly what is necessary to truly please him and finding out that she is also being pleasured like she never has been before.

It should be completed in about a week or so then some editing. Not sure when it will be published.


PS Tomorrow is work, so will get back to you on Friday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think you could make a story about jews? I myself am jewish and I have always had a fetish for stories with jewish women in them

11:23 PM  
Blogger Powerone said...

Send me an e-mail at

I never thought of it, but you would have to give me some idea of how the story would be different because the girl is Jewish.


2:17 PM  

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