Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day if you're a Yank

For those in the US, today is Memorial Day. The beach is lovely today, with the MTV show TRL coming from here all week. Nice place if you want to see a lot of half naked sixteen year olds yelling and screaming, LOL.

Been working on Enslaved at Work. Have a new patio set so I can now work outside and have found that my productivity has doubled. Also good for inspiration with all the lovely girls walking by as I work. Ah, if they only knew what I was thinking as I looked up at them.

It looks like Ravished by The Pirates is going to win the Best Selling novel for May on Only a day left (the site is in England so it is already Tuesday there). Thanks for all that bought it and for those that haven't follow the link to the right to still get the discounted price. $1.50 off the regualar price.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Enslaved At Work-A Tale of Blackmail

I've been working on Enslaved at Work-A Tale of Blackmail.

This is a story that takes place in the 1950's. Sandy has a job as a Secretary to the President of Acme Undergarment Factory Garment. Her current boyfriend steals the petty cash from her job and leaves her for another woman, and Sandy is blamed for the theft. To avoid jail she submits sexually to Michael and Frederick for a period of six months in restitution for the loss of the $500.00 a third of a years salary back in those times.

Sandy's dull sex life is about to get turned upside as Michael and Frederick take full advantage of her, taking her on a wild ride of perversions that Sandy could never have fathomed.

This novel should be out the end of June or beginning of July on Renaissance E-books.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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TAUGHT TO SUBMIT. #32 after 9 months
. #72 after 10 months.

Last chance to get $1.50 off of RAVISHED BY THE PIRATES, Powerone's Newest #1 Novel. Click on the link to Ravished for this great price.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tokyo Bondage School Delayed

Tokyo Bondage School is down to the final edit. It will be published by but will probably not be on the site until the middle to the end of June.

Ravished by the Pirates is #1 on the site now. It was suppose to have been published by Renaissance e-books, but they thought it was a bit too intense so got it instead, ahead of Tokyo Bondage School which was to be next book. If that is confusing, Renaissance e-books also put Hollister School for Girls on at the same time I published Ravished by the Pirates so it is also #7 on their Top 10.

Bound For Her Husbands Pleasure

I finished Bound for Her Husbands Pleasure except for the Epilogue. Editing is moving along and should be ready for submittal to the publisher in a week. This is one of my best novels.

Summer coming quickly to San Diego beaches and the tourists will be arriving soon. Usually have May "gray" where the marine layer comes in and stays most of the day but surprise, the sun popped in at 9 AM and made it a beautiful day.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

Ravished By the Pirates is #1 on

If you haven't read it, get it soon before the discounted prices goes away.

Almost finished Bound for Her Husbands Pleasure. This one will take a while before it is published. It is a romance novel so it is going to a different publisher.

I'll be adding to Enslaved at Work: A Tale of Blackmail. Should have it completed by the end of the month, hopefully it will be published in early June by Renaissance E-bboks.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Witches Convent

Didn't do much writing today, had to get caught up with all the paperwork and computer upgrades necessary to write. I did come up with a new idea for a novel, which I am tentatively calling "Witches Convent". Acutally it came from one of the readers. This is straight from her mouth

"The setting is a large estate in Massachusetts at the end of the 17th century near the height of the Puritans' witch-hunting frenzy. The Master of the estate opens a "witch reformatory," where he serves as instructor and clergy both. Families desperate to save their willful daughters from what they believe to be a dark influence bring their lovely (falsely accused and therefore innocent and naive) young girls to the Master, who takes a very hands-on approach to driving Satan from their flesh."

I have such lovely nasty thoughts about what to do in this novel.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Enslaved At Work-A Tale of Blackmail

Enslaved At Work is my newest novel. Started working on it Saturday. Set in the 1950's it is a tale of a girl (Sandy, 25) that gets trapped when her boyfriend steals the petty cash at work and takes off, leaving Sandy to pay the price.

And the price is the owners (three of them) get to enjoy all the delights her body can give them for 6 months. Sandy's prior sex was disappointing, better in her fantasies, reluctant to try anything. Now she has no choice, the men taking her any way they want, Sandy forced to comply to their most perverse demands.

Should be out in about four weeks.


(work tomorrow, see you Tuesday)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bound for Her Husbands Pleasure

Working on Bound for Her Husbands Pleasure again today. In this chapter, Lyn is masturbating for Michael in front of the window. Later he will show her the sybian machine he bought for her (if you don't know what it is, google it) and have her perform for him on it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bound For Her Husbands Pleasure

I've been working on Bound For Her Husbands Pleasure. It's at 51,000 words, will go to about 65,000.

This is my "romantic novel". It's a story about a mid twenties girl that meets a powerful and handsome man. Her life had been a series of unfullfilling men. Even though they fawned all over her, she never met Mr. Right.

She first meets Michael at her job as an ad executive. Her company does not get the account but a chance meeting throws them together. Lyn falls for him, but finds that she might have to give more then she ever has in the past to make him happy. While her previous boyfriends always tried to please her sexually, Lyn finds that this romance is different, Michael more demanding. To please him, Michael leads her down the path of BDSM and submission, Lyn learning quickly what is necessary to truly please him and finding out that she is also being pleasured like she never has been before.

It should be completed in about a week or so then some editing. Not sure when it will be published.


PS Tomorrow is work, so will get back to you on Friday.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Ravished By The Pirates

My latest novel, Ravished by the Pirates is now on sale. Click the link to the right or go to:

This is one of my more intense novels. The first of the "Girl's In Peril" series.

Captain James was a pirate – and his target was the ships of The King of Spain. James knew there would be young women on board – young women he could capture and take off to the slave auctions. Normally, once they returned to Port Royal, women were quickly dispatched to the slave market, many sold to serve out the rest of their lives in whore houses, servicing those that wished to pay for the pleasure that their pussies, mouths and assholes would provide.

He hoped the women on this boat were young daughters instead of wives, virgins instead of mothers. His men would enjoy the ravishment of the girls, coercing them with the whip to perform whatever perversion his men could think of, each girl having to take on the whole crew in a continuous orgy. When the pirates tired of waiting their turns, they would take the girls at the same time, all of her orifices filled with the raging hard cocks of lustful pirates.

When they found the women hiding below deck though, Captain James realised he had happened upon a real treasure – Princess Stefani, daughter of the King himself. This would be one voyage Captain James would relish more than the others and for Princess Stefani it would bring an education her worst nightmares could never have made her imagine.