Sunday, April 23, 2006

Enslaving the Princess

Finishing up the final editing of a new novel for Reneaissance e-books. Not sure what the title will be, one of the following

Ravished by the Pirates
The Pirate Capture of Princess Stefani and Her Handmaidens
Caribbean Pirates Lust
Enslaving the Princess

This is one of my more "intenste" stories. An English rogue pirate captures Princess Stefani and her eight handmaidens after boarding the Spanish boat and killing all of the crew. During the twenty days back to port, Captain James and his crew do what pirates do best to the lovely girls.

Princess Stefani is taught all of the finer perversions, her handmaidens often punished to make the Princess more emenable to the Captains perversities. The crew take the eight lovely handmaidens, humiliating them as the are made to perform for the crew. By time they reach port, all of the girls including the Princess have been taken, no hole left untouched.

Once in port, the girls are all dispatched quickly to the slave market, Princess Stefani in for a surprise when she is sold.

This should be published in about three weeks and you can find it on



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