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Powerone takes you on tour of what few men have the dark vision to imagine, and fewer men can make it a reality. There is no turning back on the journey four women are taken on, yet they can’t see the future unless they Surrender in the Dungeon.

Sandy and Luke were married in a fabulous wedding. They left for their honeymoon, but instead of an airplane, the two of them were whisked away to a private club. Luke was bound. He’d watch his wife, Sandy have her honeymoon, but it would be other men that would teach her all she needed to know about pleasing a man, and she learned well. Luke also learned for he’d never fathomed doing such things to his bride, yet he couldn’t control his arousal as he watched Sandy perform.

Brandi and Nola were good friends, but they never looked as though they belonged together. The two women find themselves the center of attention in a private dungeon that had everything the richest men in the world could afford. Brandi and Nola had these desires in their fantasies, but will it live up to expectations in the real world. Twelve men had all the high tech gear that would make the women bend to their will and unable to stop what would be perpetrated on their beautiful bodies.

Alicia finds herself the object of attention for an afternoon of delight for the rich. She knows the only alternative is to surrender to desires of these unmerciful men.

Ten years in the future, a small group, the top 1% of the top 1% controls the world’s wealth. They are protected by the laws they have passed, and they are untouchable. The decadent days of the dark ages were back - but in a modern setting. It now takes greater depravities to amuse the men at the top. A Gatherer has been hired to find candidates suitable for their private events. He is adept at uncovering the dark desires that society has forced women to hide and use them to serve the pleasure of the rich. Powerone tells their stories with the kind of realistic detail that only he can write. Read this book, and you will identify with either the perpetrator or the victim.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019




It wasn’t that they looked like sisters it was they acted like sisters.  Charlotte was older by four years.  Although they were just neighbors Charlotte was always cleaning up Pamela’s messes for over ten years.  She thought nothing of it until Pamela went too far.

In a panic, Pamela sought out Charlotte’s help.  She’d embezzled almost $50,000 from her employer, and Michael wasn’t the type of man to take his problems to the police.  Michael was closing in on Pamela.  The two women would head to the mountains to try to figure out a solution, but Pamela’s car breaks down on the way.  That is the last thing they remembered.

By time Charlotte wakes up, Pamela is already in trouble.  Michael confronts Charlotte, and now, she knows why Pamela feared him so much.  She tried to be brave until she saw Pamela strung up and a naked man next to her in what looked like jail cells in the basement.  Charlotte tried to console Pamela, but it was difficult as Charlotte had handcuffs on.  She wasn’t in any better situation.

Charlotte has to bail Pamela out, but Michael wouldn’t make it easy.  If she was such a good friend to Pamela, then Michael wanted Charlotte to strip naked. He’d then decide what else would be required of her.  It quickly escalates, and Pamela is soon was drawn in by Jasper, the naked man in the cell.

Will Charlotte and Pamela survive what Michael has in store for them?  Charlotte finds a dark side to herself that Michael exploits, and soon, Pamela is drawn into the depths of submission.  Michael has lots of men working for him, and he’s generous with the two women.  Their bodies are required to repay $50,000, but how much retribution is enough?

Once again bestselling BDSM author Powerone delivers a sensational and senses shattering novel of bondage, submission … and more!



Wednesday, April 03, 2019




In 1715, after a three-year battle with the King’s Bench, Dr. Michael Neville was victorious.  It was determined by the Chief Justice.

Since a woman is man’s possession, he is legally entitled to use whatever means to enforce his rights to his wife’s body.  If necessary, spankings, whipping and enforced bondage of the female is all within the rights of the husband to fulfill his natural pleasure that God has bestowed upon him.

Dr. Neville entitled his concept based on this ruling Philosophy of Lust, and he began to flesh out his Philosophy of Lust into greater detail.  His main thrust was for him to provide not only the aristocrats a wife, but Dr. Neville would also provide the necessary training to make each woman into the true submissive that would find her calling to bring man sexual pleasure in any manner he desired.  There would be nothing that was dark, degrading or dangerous.  All sexual perversions would be allowed and encouraged.  The price would be princely, but he wasn’t bringing the aristocrats the whores in the gentlemen’s clubs.  The women he’d provide would be innocent and naïve yet submissive.

It would take a while to get men to part with their money, but Dr. Neville would give them a peek into their future.  He would hold private physical examinations of the women in his orphanages for those that could afford the price of admission.  There would be humiliation as the women were forced to strip off their clothes slowly as Dr. Neville examined them intimately in full view of the men that watched from comfortable chairs.  There would be follow-up examinations when he tried to ascertain the part of their bodies that were best suited to pleasuring a man’s organ as they were tested for maximum penetration of their orifices.  A woman with an exceptional ability would bring a higher price.  The women that ran the orphanages did instill punishment over the years, as well as humiliation.  It began as spankings, but over the years, it progressed to whippings.  Bondage was standard procedure, but it was also taught that complete surrender was an alternative.  This would be a sought-after ability for the men that got their sexual pleasure strictly in domination.

He’d bet his fortune on that outcome.  He started ten orphanages that took in only females within a year of two of the age of eighteen.  His selection criteria pinpointed the deserted bastard children of the wealthy and there were many.  He found many of them beautiful but unsophisticated from the lack of nurturing in a wealthy environment. 

His orphanages were run by only females.  The orphans would never come in contact with a male.  Even his examinations would have the orphans fully clothed and the female head of the orphanage was always in attendance until they reached the age of eighteen.  At the age of eighteen, most of the orphans were set out onto the streets to fend for themselves.  Only a select few were not released.  Beauty and body was a critical input in his selection.  Few complained as they were ill equipped to handle the outside world.  He was left with one hundred females among his ten orphanages.  It was time to recoup his investment.

Would the aristocrats part with their money to get young, innocent and submissive?  Would the remaining women of the orphanages be willing to give up their innocence to live a life that they only heard of?



Tuesday, March 12, 2019



Morgan has brains, body and no fear.  She’s an explosive mix unleashed by those that care little for the law and its consequences.  She fought the system all her life and managed to stay one step ahead.  Then, she found herself trapped with only one way out.  But, it opened up a new world for her where she could flaunt her wealth, looks and intelligence, yet it also gave her far more ways to unleash what had been held back in her before.  She globe trots around the world, unleashing vengeance on her targets.

Madison grew up in a life of privilege and wealth.  With the death of her parents, she finds herself with wealth, beauty and intelligence.  She uses her wealth to give back to her country, taking a job in Washington for the Foreign Service, but there, she is easy prey.  She finds her life attacked by men that take advantage of her innocence and reluctance, not only in this country, but also in countries where she travels for work.  She knows of only one solution and that is submission, but she finds it opens up a dark side of her that she never knew existed.  It scares and excites her at the same time.

Unknown to each other, Morgan and Madison find themselves on a collision course in Belarus that neither expected nor wanted.  Betrayed by those they work for, can they both survive, or will one succumb to the consequences of the other’s action? 

Both women use their bodies as weapons, one as an offensive weapon to get her way, the other as a defensive weapon to submit to those that seek to shame and humiliate her into a confession of a crime she never committed.  A fast-action novel of sex and betrayal where what is around the corner is unexpected and, in some cases, unnatural.  Will the strength in both women win out?