Saturday, August 19, 2017



It’s the 1950s in puritanical New England but not in Shelburne Falls.  Michael is ahead of his time, eager for the pleasures of sex in all the wrong ways.  Desperate to Submit is a Powerone novel of complete submission to those that have the power and money to take what they want from the less fortunate, but there is always those that get their pleasure in being dominated.

Those unfortunate enough to live in the poor, north end of town are easy prey for him.  Some try to get out of the north end of town using their skills with their bodies as collateral, but there is a steep price that they’ll have to pay.  Michael has friends interested in the more exotic pleasures that few have the money to partake in.
Even for those that live the better life, favors from Michael come with a cost.  A beautiful wife is always the barter that he deals in.  Those that owe him money and cannot pay can expect an unusual method of collection for the past-due debt.
Brickford Industries controls the destiny of Shelburne Falls, none more than Michael Brickford, its president.  Michael is rich, handsome and debonair.  He doesn’t get his women by seduction but, instead, from their desperation.  It’s the submission that gets him aroused to a fever pitch.
Yet there are strong women that find themselves in desperate situations.  Can they overcome all the obstacles that men put in their way and come out on top with Michael and his friends?


Thursday, July 20, 2017


What happens when you blur the fine line between erotic fantasy and reality?

The sign on the front of the House says “Bed, Breakfast and B…,” yet no one asks what the last word is.  Visitors must have a deep-seated desire to visit in order to overcome all the obstacles.  The house only seeks out the desperate.

The stay at the House is short—just long enough for Michael to ascertain what his visitor’s need, not what they desire.  With that knowledge, he'll take them to places they’d never dared go before, using their fear to inspire levels of excitement they'd never dared feel.  They awaken in the morning as if they've just had another erotic dream...but the memories linger, and there's something real lurking in that fantasy that will ensure their return.

Chris and Jessica were both submissive, and despaired that their sex life would never be fulfilling.  Their only solace was found online, where they learned what they'd do (and gladly have done to them!) if only the other wanted to do it.  One night, they fall asleep and find themselves sharing a vividly lifelike dream: one where Michael unleashes in both of them the deep joy of being dominated.  The next week, new neighbors move in next door, and Jessica and Chris find themselves inexplicably—and perhaps unadvisedly—drawn to them.

Charlotte and Pamela had been best friends since high school, and now shared a condo—as well as their lackluster sex lives.  Even though they'd never experienced anything very thrilling with men, they figured they would eventually, and floated from one dissatisfying encounter to the next in search of a great adventure which, unbeknownst to them, they would never actually find in the vanilla world.  One day, the two are caught as bystanders in the middle of a robbery and in the midst of the chaos are bound and fondled by the robbers.  They're soon released to safety, but left with unsettling (and confusingly exciting) memories of the event—memories which make their way into a rich tapestry of shared dreams.  But are Charlotte and Pamela the only ones sharing these dreams?  No.  Their newly-discovered desires have caught Michael's attention, and Michael and his House have in turn caught them.

It doesn't take Michael long to figure out what they needed; what they were desperate for.  The two women wake up the next day refreshed and excited.  They’re soon spirited off to a strange warehouse where four men wait for them.  They will soon learn all the depraved ways four men can take two women.  They will feel fear, passion, resistance and, ultimately, a need to submit to everything these men—men of seemingly limitless imagination—can think of.

Powerone takes you on a suspense-filled erotic fantasy of bondage and submission—where there is no return to the past, only a deeper journey into the darkness.