Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Is VR Sex Platform the ultimate pleasure or are there sinister forces that threaten it?  

The fine line between the physical world and virtual reality is getting smaller, and it’s becoming more dangerous to slip from one to the other.  In this trailblazing erotic novel bestselling novelist Powerone combines BDSM and cutting-edge technology to produce his hottest and most compulsively readable book so far.

Cheyenne is the visionary inventor whose discoveries lead to a revolutionary breakthrough in virtual reality, the VR Sex Platform.  Some want to use her new invention for the ultimate pleasure, but others want to use it to explore the darkest depths of sexuality.  Cheyenne’s VR Sex Platform offers the ultimate experience, it offers total sensory immersion.  Michael is one of those who see the dark, illicit potential of the VR Sex Platform.  Michael is a man with a desire to dominate women who knows no rules or limits.  Michael seeks out Cheyenne online.  In the total illusion that is the Platform, Michael shows her what it means to be a helpless submissive.  There Cheyenne discovers an excitement being taken by Michael that she’s lacked in the physical world.

In the physical world, Michael is bound to a wheelchair – in the virtual world of the VR Sexual Platform, he does the binding.  Both Cheyenne and Michael experience intense erotic pleasure in the master-slave relationship they have in the virtual world.  But can there really be true satisfaction in an illusion?  Michael and Cheyenne both long for more.  Yet, Michael confined to a wheelchair wonders if he can ever know the ecstasy and feelings of supreme mastery of the flesh that he knows in the virtual world.

But there might be a way.  What Michael does not know is that Cheyenne is working on a way to create android bodies and download a person’s personality and life experiences into an android body.  It would make people immortal, not needing a human body that breaks down with age and disease.  And it would free Michael from his wheelchair in the world outside Cheyenne’s VR Sexual Platform.

What Cheyenne does not know is that powerful groups have learned of this new discovery – and will do anything to get it.  Not everyone around her is what they seem to be.  Some have ulterior motives and no qualms about the methods they use to get what they want.  But, who’ll pay the ultimate price?

The end will surprise you and make you wonder about the person standing next to you.

Thursday, April 28, 2016



Is Illusion Bound the ultimate virtual reality simulation, a high-tech science fiction project or is it something more sinister or evil?  


Illusion Bound is built to be a place where extraterrestrials can visit Earth and have a chance to interact with humans, though it is limited interaction.  What is Illusion Bound?  Is it the ultimate virtual reality simulation, or is it something more sinister created by subtly bending the laws of physics?

It’s time to test Illusion Bound and four women are chosen from all the candidates who volunteered.  Why were all the test subject’s women?  No one knows. 

Shelby and Erin are sci-fi buffs who religiously attended Comic Con and fantasize about sexy aliens like Mr. Spock or G’Kar.  Baily is very different; her fantasies run along the lines of being molested on trains.  Hanna’s fantasies are centered on intimate examinations. 

Is Illusion Bound something that can satisfy all their different fantasies?  But what each of the four women encounter is far beyond her fantasies.  Each is thrust into a world she can’t explain.  Each will have to answer the question, is what they experience illusion, reality or something so new and different there is no term to describe it yet.

And what about Illusion Bound’s creator, Michael Foster?  Investigations revealed he seemed to appear out of nowhere ten years ago.  Before that no one can find out anything about him.  What is his secret?  What is the solution to the mystery that surrounds him?

Powerone, the Master of bondage fiction, brings you his kinkiest, most twisted novel yet – a mixture of science fiction and sizzling erotica that plumbs the depths of BDSM and beyond!



Tuesday, April 12, 2016



The prequel to the bestselling “Stepford Men”  

With Training the Stepford Men, Powerone brings you the prequel to his bestselling Stepford Men. This FEM-DOM novel takes you back to where it began in a small town outside of Boston in the year 1725, where men submit to the heavy hands of powerful women. Lady Millicent Ward has wealth and beauty. With her friends, they embark on building a mansion in a small town near enough to Boston to make the trip easy but away from the prying eyes of high society that looks down on dominant women.

William, a lawyer, helped Lady Ward gain her deceased husband’s money. With the job complete, Millicent promised that what would happen was certain to be much more than he’d ever experienced and that aroused him. William found himself at the mercy of so many women, and their command was for him to be big and hard. But, he’d never found his pleasure so many times in a row, unable to stop the women from imposing their will on him.

Other men that were more daring visited Lady Ward and her friends. They found themselves bound, and the women were stern in punishing them. Imaginative devices held them bound and exposed. They were punished then aroused then punished once again. Yet, each man grew stiff from their touch and unable to stop the pleasure that the women coaxed from their bodies repeatedly.

What story isn’t complete without a happy ending? Hanna finds love with Peter, but he has to learn to submit. They grow closer together as she shows him the life he’ll live as her submissive. It culminates in a grand wedding in Boston, but it’s the honeymoon at Lady Ward’s mansion that is the celebration. This will be the first and one of the few times that Peter will be allowed to enter her, but he’ll not be in control, and he’ll perform in front of the women. Then, Hanna will show off her trained stallion to the women. They’ll test his stamina and absolute submission to them.

If you love to read the details of the shame and humiliation of a man dominated by a strong group of lovely and passionate women, Training the Stepford Men is the book for you. BDSM fans will relish in the imagination of these women to extract their pleasure in the style that only Powerone could create. 



Friday, March 11, 2016




Powerone takes a classic fairy tale and updates it with his own brand of erotic BDSM as Alice encounters the strange character that all desire her in Alice Bound by the Mad Hatter

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice in this erotic, twisted fairy-tale adventure.  The abundance of excellent drugs caused the police to shut down the rock concert, and Alice follows Whitey Hare down the rabbit hole to find herself in a strange land of stranger people.  Alice, impulsive with a sense of self-importance, meets a long list of strange people, from Cat A. Pillar, Whitey Hare, Queeney F. Hart, King F. Hart Red Nite, Chester Cat, March Hair and the famous Mad Hatter.

All of her encounters end up in the same way. From Cat A. Pillar that uses his manhood to measure if Alice is shrinking or growing, the Tea Party became the Three Party when Hatter, March and Red all desire to have their way with Alice.  Alice loses in Queeney F. Hart’s croquet game and is subjected to the pleasure of King F. Hart.  Finally, at the trial of Red Nite for stealing the tarts, Alice is subjected to interrogation by Queeney’s interrogators, Dee Tweedle and Dum Tweedle.  Do they really want her to testify or do all just enjoy the interrogation?

If you loved Powerone’s Alice: Bound by the Prince, follow Alice as she submits to all that she encounters, bound for their pleasure and hers in Alice: Bound by Mad Hatter.  In the end, reality meets fantasy when Alice encounters the police that are determined to teach her a lesson for using drugs so openly at the rock concert.

Thursday, February 04, 2016


A tale of submission in a foreign land 


Powerone brings you a tale of submission in a foreign land that is vastly different from what they grew up in. Are they willing to give up their rights for a life of sexual excitement and pleasures that few would ever attain in their lifetime? Twists and turns are everywhere as men conspire to bring the women the unexpected. Each time, the women find a deep urge inside them for more as they perform for the powerful men that control their destiny.

Penelope’s archeologist husband, Frank, had cheated on her for decades. He left her at home to raise their two grown daughters while he was away in some foreign land. Finally, she had proof of his infidelity and used that leverage to make him take her and her daughters to his latest job in the Middle East country of Arabesque.

There are sinister forces at work as soon as they arrived in Arabesque. The four of them were under the scrutiny of those in power in Arabesque. Women have few rights in Arabesque, and they soon learned the hard, cold truth when they pass through customs, but Frank also finds himself under the same circumstances.

Fern graduated from college and would do anything for a position in the Adan Antiquity Museum, but Lord Hastings, the Governor of Arabesque, has other ideas. Beneath the Museum is another private exhibition for only the most discerning visitors, an elaborate museum of items of pleasure and pain. Fern becomes its guide, but it requires more than explanations, it requires demonstrations, and Lord Hastings believes in strict punishment for failure. Rebecca falls under the spell of Major Toma. As director of the new state of the art hospital, he needs someone to help with the wealthy visitors that tour the hospital. He has doctors to describe the hospital, but he has a need for someone to make sure that the visitor’s tours are memorable. With a vast array of medical equipment and furniture, Rebecca soon finds she’s the patient for the visitors. Innocent at first, Colonel Toma and the visitors show her the pleasure of submission.

Penelope’s long-time friend Jeffrey gave her the proof of Frank’s infidelity, and she thanked him with the same act that was on the video of Frank and another woman. Jeffrey finds a passion in Penelope, and he wants more.

Frank is trapped in Arabesque with his family and would do anything to get away. Within days of arriving in Arabesque, he manages to leave the city of Adan to go to an excavation site. But things are not what they seem to be, and Frank finds that his desire to get away is not without severe consequences. With Frank gone, Penelope is free to explore her new sexual passions that were ignited with Jeffrey. Colonel Kalb takes an interest in Penelope, but his intentions are two-fold. With Frank gone and Jeffrey’s return, he finds himself in competition for Penelope’s body, but both men find ways to share her. Penelope finds the newfound attention she receives from two handsome men too much to pass up. After years of an unsatisfying sexual life, she finds the two men willing to teach her all that she missed and more she never knew existed.

The action is fast paced, the outcomes unexpected as Powerone brings the story of Desert Submission in intimate detail that fans of BDSM expect from Powerone. This is another great novel that won’t be a disappointment to readers that have been spoiled by his writing style, unlike the short stories that others pass off as BDSM. You’ll find a happy ending for most, but in their love of submission, not their love of romance.




Friday, January 22, 2016




A hot new change of pace for the number one writer of male dominant/female submissive novels.

Sweaty and compelling gay male bondage and man on man action. Everything told Steven that he should cut and run, but his heart told him something different. He had been running from one lover to another for years, but he never found the man that would steal his heart. David needed a new contractor to finish his kitchen that the contractor from Hell had begun or his wife would kill him. Steven didn’t need the work, but the minute he set eyes on David, he knew he had to have him. No one would have ever expected the two of them to be drawn together in such a way, especially David’s wife or even David himself.

Could Steven show David the pleasure that only another man couldgive him? David found that he liked a man that was dominating, but was afraid as Steven took him deeper into a relationship that David could never explain. Would David surrender willingly, or would Steven have to fall back onto tight bondage to seduce David into succumbing?

Steven took it slow, romancing David at the same time he pushed the limits. The first touch, the first kiss, each time David surrendering to Steven’s demanding passion. Could a heterosexual male sexually satisfy another man? Would he? Can Steven steal the heart of David from his wife and make him his own or would Steven go back to searching for his eternal mate?