Wednesday, January 04, 2017


They were taught the tradition of family values and obedience

Out of nowhere, Eriko received a letter offering a full scholarship to Tokyo University.  Admission is by invitation only, and the university sought out women that were brought up in the tradition of family values, obedience and knew the importance of not dishonoring the family.  Eriko’s life was sheltered by her family and her innocence protected, but her fantasies were far from that.  She was never an exceptional high school student, and her life looked as though she’d become a farmer’s wife and bear him children, as was required of a Japanese woman.

The university’s goal is to train the ideal wife for the up-and-coming executives of the future.  She is introduced into the stern regime of the university with intimate physical inspections every day and bare-bottom spankings for minor infractions.  Eriko quickly learns that obedience also requires total submission to those in authority. 

Eriko finds herself shamefully aroused by the scandalous demands of the faculty and the dominating headmaster.  Will Eriko submit and fit in, or will she rebel against the increasing demands of the men that seek to teach her submission and take their pleasure from her obedience?

Once the women graduate, they learn that being the dutiful wife of an important executive requires greater obedience.  The husband’s bosses demand the same submission from the wives of their subordinates.  Will Eriko further her husband’s career using the sexual skills she was taught?  

This novel was previously released as Tokyo Bondage School ten years ago.  It was rewritten, reedited and 15,000 words were added to it for this new release with a new, lower price.



Thursday, December 08, 2016




Intergalactic Bondage Colony is an incendiary BDSM Sci-Fi Trilogy now available complete for the first time in a one-volume three-book bundle

A 120,000 word epic of unrestrained sexuality, it’ll satisfy your darkest desires and give you brand new ones.


In 2040, the Earth is dying a quick death from unchecked pollution.  A last-ditch effort of over one hundred spacecraft is launched into deep space to find planets hospitable to human life.  But, one ship is different, carrying a crew of five men and nine women, all selected by the captain to establish a male-dominated society where bondage will be used to instill submission.

They land on a desolate planet, Odin, but dangers lurk beneath the desolation.  And the captain finds that establishing his new order isn’t as easy as he thought.  Other species from a distant Federation are alerted to the intruders and the different species all vie to capture the humans.  But for what purpose?  What do they have on their minds?

From strange plants that when eaten provide surprising results, to different species that are far stranger than Earthlings, to some that are strikingly similar, the explorers find themselves bound and used in the most unusual and unimaginable manner.  Subjected to experimentation by the other species, some for science and others for pleasure, the story of what happens to the last survivors of a dying Earth will hold any reader of BDSM under its spell till the final page.



Out now! The sizzling, don’t-miss conclusion to the Intergalactic Bondage Colony saga, hot BDSM Sci-Fi by bestselling erotica author, Powerone 

Fourteen intrepid explorers have landed on Odin, a tiny speck of a planet intended to be the home of Captain Michael’s New World Order, a male-dominated society where bondage is used to instill submission.  But, Captain Michael finds that building his new order isn’t as easy as he planned.

Another species, from a distant Federation, are alerted to the presence of the Earthling – and the humans are aliens to them.  Several different Federation species all vie to capture the humans – but for what purpose?

From Futanites, Gnomels, Ogres, and half-machine, half-organic creatures from Bla9Y to their pet phear and vremor, the Earthlings are subjected to experimentation by the other species in the most unspeakable manners, some for science and others for pleasure.  What will happen to the last survivors of a dying Earth?  Will our species be snuffed out or will it flourish in a new manner?

If you haven’t read the first two books, the complete trilogy is now available on this site as one complete book.