Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Foursomes and MORE!

Karen wasn’t the typical student, older and married.  She struggled for good grades.  She knew what male professors required for extra credit, but Karen was stymied by a beautiful female professor, Professor Michele Bell.

Michele found Karen more than willing to submit for a better grade, but Sean, her husband, was always part of the deal.  Karen finds submission thrilling, to male and female alike.
Karen’s marriage to Larry was already rocky and her refusal to indulge in the darker depravities made him seek out pleasure with others.  He’s surprised when he’s invited to dinner with Karen’s professor and her husband.  He witnesses Karen indulging in what she’d refused him, but her professor is more than willing to give Larry what Karen wouldn’t.

The four of them indulge in increasingly more perverse acts.  Will the addition of others scare Karen and Larry away or drive them to indulge in more perverse acts?

From bondage to threesomes and foursomes, the depths of the depravities always surprise Karen and Larry, but they are shocked by some of them.  Karen acquiesces, but can Larry submit to what he would consider to be unnatural acts?  

Powerone takes you on a suspenseful rollercoaster ride of the whole spectrum of sexual desires that few dare to partake of and for good reason, but Larry and Karen are consenting adults.  It’s complete submission that few are able to agree to.



Friday, November 30, 2018


Secret Societies Revealed!

Secret societies have long had a history in England.  The Hellfire Club was started to satisfy the perverted lusts of those aristocrats.  It was more than sexual orgies with black magic and pagan rights as well as BDSM.  It would take all that the English commoner found repulsive, degrading and dangerous and turn it into a lavish and decadent affair.

Young women, innocent and pure, voluntarily sold their bodies for thirty days in order to change their destitute lives and give them a future.  This story tells the tales of three women and how it changed each of their lives forever.  Charity, Abigail and Sarah were taken from the streets of England before they were tarnished by men that would prey upon their misery.  Did they make the right decision, or did they just trade up to a predator with more money?

It was the beginning of the 19th century in England, but nothing changed as far as society.  The wealthy were granted privileges and rights that the ordinary man didn’t have or deserve.  Women were subservient to men.  It was a God-given fact, and nothing would ever change that.  Bound for the Hellfire Club was the natural result.


Thursday, November 08, 2018


A twisted fairy tale! 

Lil Red and the Wolff is a classic fairy tale turned upside down by Powerone, the Master of BDSM.  Red gets a new riding hood for her birthday; naturally, its red.  Everyone sees her in a new light, a sensuous woman.  She has become of age, but she doesn’t know that she is to be the tribute that the small village pays every twenty-five years to keep the supernatural wolves away.

In her sleep that night, Red finds herself on the altar erected for the tributes, and there she meets Grimm Wolff.  She finds him irresistible and succumbs to his charm.  She also finds pleasure for the first time from the touch of his hands.

She awakens from her erotic dream, unsure of whether it was real or not.  She sets out to her grandmother’s house to thank her for the red hood.  Unknown to her, she meets the second Wolff, Ingouf, brother of Grimm.

Granny is forced by Grimm to aid in his perverted plot to claim Red’s innocence.  Red finds herself in the house of Grimm and Ingouf Wolff as they explain their claim on her.  Was last night real and this a continuation of the Wolff’s desires?

Red has her heart set on a woodcutter named Griffin.  He is in her erotic dreams, but the Wolff brothers have other ideas.  They take her down a path that she can no longer recover from.  Is Red the tribute, or does she submit to them for the pleasure that she now seeks as a woman?

Will Red find ultimate happiness with her Griffin, or will he disappoint her?  A twisted tale that could only be told by Powerone.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Billionaires and those that SERVE them!

It was this weekend, called a gala, but few knew what that meant.  When asked what the gala was, Michael always had the same answer.  “We’re not restricted to the norms of most society, and in Cuba, we are beyond the law and morality.  You can think of us as Roman nobility.  They knew how to celebrate with such debauchery.”

The gated community in La Fe, Cuba looked like it was plucked out of Greenwich, Connecticut and dropped out of place on the hills overlooking the sleepy fishing village below.

Michael and his billionaire friends bankrolled the overthrow of the last of the Castro’s from Cuba, and now, they got their reward.  Their casinos, hotels and cruise ships were raking in the tourist dollars.  The gala was to celebrate their success in the last two years.

Circumstance drew three special guests to Cuba that weekend.  Penelope, Michael’s sister, decided to drop in unexpectedly that weekend, but General Carlos Lopez, not a fan of Michael, met her arrival in customs at the airport.  He made sure that Penelope got an unexpected welcome, but little did he know that he unleashed something in her.  Wanting to avoid Michael’s debauchery, she instead finds herself in the hands of Carlos with equal depravity.

Taylor and Ryan come to Michael for an investment in Taylor’s company.  She finds success beyond her wildest dreams, but Ryan finds the final stipulation beyond the realm of decency, but Taylor has a mind of her own.  If being on her knees was the price to pay, she did it willingly, even in front of her husband.  Her marriage with Ryan was on the ropes already, and Michael showed her something new and exciting.  She sends Ryan home, and Michael takes her on a rollercoaster ride that only he could imagine as she becomes a star attraction in the venues.  But there is more in in the private rooms that serve the most depraved, and Michael qualifies for that title.

Eric is a billionaire that gets whatever he wants.  His expensive car breaks down in a little town in Texas, and he finds his life brings him to the local Hooters restaurant late one night.  He meets a captivating woman, but it is her story that he finds so interesting.  In this day and age, it’s unrealistic to find a virgin at twenty-one, especially a beauty with a body to match, yet here she was flaunting her large breasts to ogling customers while preserving her innocence for some lost reason.  The conversation takes a dramatic turn, and they are soon negotiating the terms of her giving up her innocence as Eric’s honored guest at the gala in Cuba.  Star finds herself leaving her home and going to Cuba.  She is lost among the wealthy with the whispers of “Eric’s virgin” continually sounded behind her back.  It is here that she gives up everything she struggled to keep for twenty-one years in exchange for money that would change her life forever.

While billionaires rarely change, it’s the others that Michael’s gala became a turning point in their lives.  Will the change be for the good or the bad?  Only they can tell you the answer in their own story brought to you by Powerone, the Master of BDSM.


Wednesday, October 03, 2018



Four women and one man are on their way to Seattle to celebrate a successful year in real estate sales.  The plane takes off with a crew of three and the five passengers but is lost on radar over Montana.  A search is instigated immediately.  The next day, the families of the crew are notified of their disappearance, but by then the crew is all safe at home.  The flight was cancelled they were told, but the company operating the jet never sent such a message.  Days turn to weeks and no survivors are found.  Not even one small bit of the plane is seen.  It’s as though it disappeared from the face of the Earth.

The passengers are struck by blinding light on the plane, and then, there is nothing.  Each one wakes up and is confronted by an unbelievable sexual scenario that they only knew of in sci-fi movies, not reality.  Each is confronted by new erotic challenges that no humans from Earth have ever experienced.  There is a new reality filled with bondage and domination for these chosen five.

Powerone takes his style of writing of BDSM and blends it with science fiction to give you an erotic book such as only his vivid imagination could conjure.  Bound for the Aliens will awaken your senses to the unimaginable.  What is the fate of the five people abducted by aliens?