Monday, March 19, 2018




The race for governor in Nevada heats up in more than one way.  The leading contender, Michael Fisher, is handsome and single, but does he have secrets that cannot be hidden from the public?

The race is already marred by tragedy, the leading Democratic candidate is found murdered.  That leaves Michael, the top Republican candidate, a clear path to victory.  Backed by powerful gaming interests, Michael is groomed but also on a short leash regarding his dark desires.  He finds out that his backers’ money buys him pleasures that wouldn’t be under public scrutiny.

Michael and his financial backers never saw Jenna as a threat.  She’s an intelligent intern in his campaign that finds success in politics.  Michael sees her in a different light, but they soon find that they have to hide their growing attraction from the financial backers that see any sexual relationship with Michael as dangerous.

Jenna finds the truth of Michael’s sordid background, not by chance but by design from those that want to keep them apart.  Jenna digs into what most would consider dark and unnatural and finds that it has a strange attraction that she never expected.

Will it be Michael that surprised Jenna with the truth?  Or will Jenna surprise Michael with the true test of her love for him?  Will they find success in politics or will their hidden world come crashing down on them?



Thursday, February 15, 2018



Sandy was looking for a TA job for her senior year to give her more time and money.  Her roommate, Brooke, was looking for a TA job that would enrich her sex life with a professor or two.  But, fate gave them each the opposite.

Sandy found that the TA positon with Professor Michael Gerard was more than the normal help with his students’ grades and schedules.  It was desperation on her part that drove her to seduction to secure the last TA position, but Michael thought it should be submission that would secure it for her.

Sandy finds success in securing the position, and her life is suddenly much more interesting and sexually fulfilling, although she could never fathom what Michael would come up with next.  From helping Michael attend to students interested in ‘extra credit’ to raise their grade to Michael’s colleagues with remarkable inventions that were sexually challenging but fulfilling, Michael takes Sandy on a voyage of sexual experimentation.

Powerone’s Teacher’s Assistant brings you inside the world of academia that few dare to tell. 


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


The strong take command and the weak are mastered in every way

SOS is an action-packed adventure on the high seas as the super-rich fight the forces of nature in a losing battle with a cyclone that is hell-bent on sinking the superyacht.

Only part of the crew and passengers survive the storm, but they end up on a fog-shrouded island far off course when they should’ve been in the vast open waters of the South Pacific.  Three women and three men find themselves left to their own devices for survival, but they are far from being the ideal couples.  The three men are part of the crew and the three women lost their husbands or lovers to the storm.

After months on the island, the men see a better life in a different way.  The women are dependent on the men for their survival, and there is little they can do to avoid the inevitable outcome.  They know little of the background of the men, and that is an unfortunate mistake.  The crew had women in every port, and their tastes ran from the exotic to the perverse.  Nothing is off limits to satisfy their sexual desires, and with little hope of rescue, it is time for the women to earn their keep.

The captain and the mistress of the ship have been at odds for years, and he finds satisfaction in taming the mistress of the ship, humiliating her in front of everyone, but it is bondage that compels her submission.  Her sister finds something disturbing as she watches her sister submit, but unlike her sister, she finds excitement in submitting and the pleasure is enhanced when she is bound.  The third young woman, a trophy wife for an older man that had long given up on sex, finds herself drawn to a young, virile man that takes her with youthful exuberance.

But, nothing could’ve prepared them for what the men had in their depraved minds.  It’s an exotic island, but the women are more exotic as they succumb to being readily available to the men at any time or in any manner.  Is it the island of pleasure or the island of Hell that the six of them occupy?

Powerone takes you on an action-packed adventure with the diverse characters forced to confront each other until the strong take command and the weak are mastered in every way.