Thursday, February 04, 2016


A tale of submission in a foreign land 


Powerone brings you a tale of submission in a foreign land that is vastly different from what they grew up in. Are they willing to give up their rights for a life of sexual excitement and pleasures that few would ever attain in their lifetime? Twists and turns are everywhere as men conspire to bring the women the unexpected. Each time, the women find a deep urge inside them for more as they perform for the powerful men that control their destiny.

Penelope’s archeologist husband, Frank, had cheated on her for decades. He left her at home to raise their two grown daughters while he was away in some foreign land. Finally, she had proof of his infidelity and used that leverage to make him take her and her daughters to his latest job in the Middle East country of Arabesque.

There are sinister forces at work as soon as they arrived in Arabesque. The four of them were under the scrutiny of those in power in Arabesque. Women have few rights in Arabesque, and they soon learned the hard, cold truth when they pass through customs, but Frank also finds himself under the same circumstances.

Fern graduated from college and would do anything for a position in the Adan Antiquity Museum, but Lord Hastings, the Governor of Arabesque, has other ideas. Beneath the Museum is another private exhibition for only the most discerning visitors, an elaborate museum of items of pleasure and pain. Fern becomes its guide, but it requires more than explanations, it requires demonstrations, and Lord Hastings believes in strict punishment for failure. Rebecca falls under the spell of Major Toma. As director of the new state of the art hospital, he needs someone to help with the wealthy visitors that tour the hospital. He has doctors to describe the hospital, but he has a need for someone to make sure that the visitor’s tours are memorable. With a vast array of medical equipment and furniture, Rebecca soon finds she’s the patient for the visitors. Innocent at first, Colonel Toma and the visitors show her the pleasure of submission.

Penelope’s long-time friend Jeffrey gave her the proof of Frank’s infidelity, and she thanked him with the same act that was on the video of Frank and another woman. Jeffrey finds a passion in Penelope, and he wants more.

Frank is trapped in Arabesque with his family and would do anything to get away. Within days of arriving in Arabesque, he manages to leave the city of Adan to go to an excavation site. But things are not what they seem to be, and Frank finds that his desire to get away is not without severe consequences. With Frank gone, Penelope is free to explore her new sexual passions that were ignited with Jeffrey. Colonel Kalb takes an interest in Penelope, but his intentions are two-fold. With Frank gone and Jeffrey’s return, he finds himself in competition for Penelope’s body, but both men find ways to share her. Penelope finds the newfound attention she receives from two handsome men too much to pass up. After years of an unsatisfying sexual life, she finds the two men willing to teach her all that she missed and more she never knew existed.

The action is fast paced, the outcomes unexpected as Powerone brings the story of Desert Submission in intimate detail that fans of BDSM expect from Powerone. This is another great novel that won’t be a disappointment to readers that have been spoiled by his writing style, unlike the short stories that others pass off as BDSM. You’ll find a happy ending for most, but in their love of submission, not their love of romance.




Friday, January 22, 2016




A hot new change of pace for the number one writer of male dominant/female submissive novels.

Sweaty and compelling gay male bondage and man on man action. Everything told Steven that he should cut and run, but his heart told him something different. He had been running from one lover to another for years, but he never found the man that would steal his heart. David needed a new contractor to finish his kitchen that the contractor from Hell had begun or his wife would kill him. Steven didn’t need the work, but the minute he set eyes on David, he knew he had to have him. No one would have ever expected the two of them to be drawn together in such a way, especially David’s wife or even David himself.

Could Steven show David the pleasure that only another man couldgive him? David found that he liked a man that was dominating, but was afraid as Steven took him deeper into a relationship that David could never explain. Would David surrender willingly, or would Steven have to fall back onto tight bondage to seduce David into succumbing?

Steven took it slow, romancing David at the same time he pushed the limits. The first touch, the first kiss, each time David surrendering to Steven’s demanding passion. Could a heterosexual male sexually satisfy another man? Would he? Can Steven steal the heart of David from his wife and make him his own or would Steven go back to searching for his eternal mate?






Friday, December 04, 2015


Cinderella, Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist.  Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride.  On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball.  Then, a beggar taps softly at her door.  Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball.  But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring.  Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants.  Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters.

The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled.  Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him.  Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward.  Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club.  It is an offer they cannot refuse.

Here is another searing novel of bondage and submission as only Powerone, bestselling novelist of BDSM can write.


Thursday, November 12, 2015


“Stepford Men” is a Fem-Dom novel with a twist that only the master of BDSM, Powerone, 
could tell in such detail.   

“Stepford Men” is a Fem-Dom novel with a twist that only the master of BDSM, Powerone, could tell in such detail.  You won’t find crossdressing, sissification, cockold, collaring or male-to-male sex in this book.  But if you love to read the details of the shame and humiliation of a man undergoing intimate medical exams, police interrogation, milking and female domination by a strong group of lovely and passionate women, “Stepford Men” is the book for you.  BDSM fans will relish in the imagination of these women to extract their pleasure in the most degrading ways.
Eric has all the characteristics that the Stepford wives seek out.  He’s big, hard, profuse and submissive.  He’s lured to Stepford with promises of richness and fulfillment with a teaching job, but who’s fulfillment?  The job is too good to pass up, but barriers are put up that he has to slowly cross, each time he has to give up more and more.  To most, it would be obvious to what was happening to him, but Eric only thinks of this once-in-a-lifetime job.  He is slowly led down the path of shame and humiliation, submitting to all the women, from the doctor and her young nurse, to the sheriff and her deputy until he is ready to meet the Stepford women.  In Stepford, the women rule and govern with a firm grip and domineering authority.  .
He’s now ready to serve them in all the ways they desire.  It’s not just one, but many that shame him as he strips naked for their intimate examination.  In the clubhouse, there is a room that the women use to seek their pleasure with him.  He is naked and spread for them, voluntarily or stringently bound, not just his arms and legs, but all of his intimate body is confined in ropes or leather.  He is at their mercy, and they have none..
With vivid imagination and unlimited money, the Stepford women devise the most intricate and torturous pleasure on a man.  Eric’s only resort is to succumb to their domination, but he’s unprepared for what awaits him.  No man touches him, but the women do so in the same ways a man would.  His mouth is taken with strap-ons and deep throating or sodomized with the same angry instruments.  Forbidden to touch himself, his only release is the act of “milking” when they force him to orgasm while bound.  Unable to stop them, his orgasms drain his body as they use mechanical, manual or imaginative devices to drain his body of his seed until he is dry.  He services the women in all ways except one.  His organ is forbidden to touch them.  Stepford’s forty women and their female grown children keep Eric constantly in a state of arousal until Eric’s only desire is to serve any woman.  Pain and punishment turns to pleasure for Eric, and he awaits the next call in hopes that they’d allow him his pleasure.  He now serves the pleasure of the women as one of the “Stepford Men” .
The book will captivate you, the ending will surprise you..



Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A powerful, futuristic tale of bondage and submission by one of the bestselling masters of the genre, Powerone.

In the aftermath of nuclear annihilation, protected villages are the only sanctuaries, but they all have a price to pay for the safety. Lord Michael sees his destiny to repopulate his new world. He needs women to do this but only if they agree to submit and bondage is encouraged.

Jennifer and her mother, Alexis, seek refuge with him, agreeing to submission to all males. Do they agree for protection, or do they have a deeper need? Each chooses a job fitting their skills. Alexis becomes a seamstress, but Lord Harris encourages her to work with leather. He sees in her a creativity and a dark desire to experiment with her newfound submission, fashioning leather garments that are meant to restrain the most reluctant.

Jennifer seeks out a job that is unheard of. She wants to join the soldiers, an all-male force. First, she has to convince Bishop Roman to get her in to see Lord William, head of the soldiers. She finds success on her knees with Bishop Roman, but not in prayer to the god, Lord Michael. Lord William wants her but only her innocence. She is cunning as well as lethal. She succeeds is getting a test, but it is a combat, both of them naked until one of them taps out in submission, but in complete submission. More of her innocence is taken from her, but each time, she gets closer to her goal. Is her lost innocence taken from her or does she readily give it up for the pleasure? Can she reach her goal, or will the other male soldiers revolt against such sacrilege?