Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Unbridled lust for those in command!

Royalty take their pleasure in the absolute submission of those unfortunate enough to come to their attention.  Nothing is forbidden for those born to privilege.

Whether by choice or in the dungeons that enforces the bound submission of those that run afoul of their lust, the ill-fated have no choice but to submit to any and all demands that only a man could conceive.

Bound for the King is a groundbreaking novel of 12th century life, where titled men dominate women that only Powerone could tell, rich with the details only his knowledge of "the good old days" could muster.



Friday, July 27, 2018


He finds women that want torrid sex from an experienced man, but he gives them more 

Michael is gorgeous, wealthy and intelligent.  He is in his late thirties but experienced.  What’s not to like?  Samantha is beautiful, sexy and smart.  She is younger but not completely inexperienced.  Their paths cross, although not sure if it was by accident or design.

Samantha has no illusions of a torrid romance with Michael or him taking her away from her life to marry her.  They come from different worlds.  She wants the torrid sex that an experienced man like Michael can give her

Michael gives her a taste of his world, but he also takes her on a rollercoaster ride that always surprises her.  Each time, he takes her deeper into a world of darkness that she never knew existed.  He has an agenda, but she doesn’t know what it is or cares.

There are new women for Michael to seek out, some in the most unusual ways.  His next conquest is a married woman, but it is her impotent husband that wants Michael to take her while he watches.  He never expected that Michael wouldn’t come alone or that his faithful wife would go along so willingly.

Michael knows it always ends this way.  Samantha isn’t a one-of-a-kind woman but just one of a string of conquests that he seeks out, although she is exceptional.  Samantha and the others are Bound and Trained for THEM!  

Friday, June 22, 2018


Among the many State Department employees in Karash are two American women, one highly prized for her innocence and the other prized for her beauty.  The women find themselves under the watchful eyes of Sultan Osman and his staff as soon as they land in the country.

Will they perform for the sultan in the chambers of the harem where few white have set foot in?  The sultan and the prince are demanding taskmasters and women are concubines to be used in any manner that is desired by the powerful.

The sultan sees these willing participants with lust, but do the women have a hidden agenda or is it pure pleasure they seek when they find themselves under the hypnotic spell that the exotic Middle East casts upon them?  

The State Department is known for harboring CIA agents that have ulterior motives or harbor nefarious agendas.  Karash is a country in turmoil, and any advantage that can be gained is worth the price the women might pay.  Will the men demand more than the women will give?  Will the women be able to stop them, or will they succumb to the demands?


Wednesday, May 30, 2018



Stranded on the ocean to their own devices, the passengers embark on a new journey of sexual exploration

The freighter Dark Torrent left the harbor in Sydney, but the paint on its name was already starting to run.  The second r showed its true self, the letter m, Dark Torment.

The freighter has twelve unusual passengers and one steward along with a crew of eleven.  The two single men are soldiers of fortune.  The couples consist of a con-man and his forgiving wife, a cheap-rich man with a trophy wife, a man of mystery as is his wife, a sickly husband and his doting wife and the last couple is a black couple that find themselves unwelcome and invisible to the others.

One week out, the passengers wake up to an uneasy quiet.  The ship lay in calm waters, the ocean smooth as a lake with only a gentle breeze.  No engines are running, but the lights burn brightly.  The crew is gone, all except the young steward, but he is as confused as the passengers. The ship is searched, but nothing is found.  It’s as if the crew disappeared without a trace.  Communications are non-existent, only static.  An eerie feeling pervades the stranded people that something is amiss. 

The five couples and three other men wait for help to rescue them.  It should be a matter of days at the worst.

It’s been a month now, and hope has turned to despair.  They all realize that something is wrong and it’s not going to get any better.  The single men are not about to live the rest of their lives on this ship celibate.  Husbands are just as anxious to try their luck with the other women.  A few have already found something new among the passengers, some by choice, some in desperation, some by betrayal, all with interracial tensions.  A surprising vote gives the men the right to have any woman in any manner they desire.  And so the fun begins, but no one expected the way it started or the way it ended.